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Under the assumption that the Celtic alphabet derived from the Greek and Roman ones, Graves went through great pains explaining the tree order through Classical myths.

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But where he really went wrong was when he took poetical licence for the literary truth. Ironically, his muse, the White Goddess, took him down the wrong path. One wonders which Celtic white goddess he was referring to, was it Uinda Branna, the white raven of dead heroes, or was Uinda Soibra, the white spectre, the white lady, a ghost of the past? Credited scholars such as R.

Macalister, not least, argue that the ogham ascriptions given by O'Flaherty were 'artificialities' having little to do with the original bearings Nigel Pennick If these were late musings inspired from the Bardic tradition, then these had to be re-adaptations of the old medieval ascriptions. Since the Bardic schools were essentially Christian, it is very unlikely that the druidic ascriptions were carried on that long into the Christian era.

However, I wished to use this system to recall trees in our mind: more than ever they need our care and love". His tree signs sequence was in fact built on a weekly pattern. The week is now in world-wide use. Disregarding the fact that the ancient Celts ignored it, an additional complication is brought about by the much too cumbersome seven-based pattern.

This is because seven is neither compatible with the solar cycle and neither with the lunar cycle.

As mentioned, Hageneder's proposal is second hand information firstly owing to an oghamic sequencing recognised as being freely inspired from Roderick O'Flaherty's Ogygia, again, which he himself said to have borrowed from Duald Mc Firbis. Monard 3. Although very intuitive and oftentimes brilliant, this work eludes any explanation on how the author came to this unique system.

All we are told is that Carnac devised the order from an "oral tradition" that goes as far back as the Megalithic Age!? And, not unlike Robert Graves, not only is the name of his informant not given, but no proper bibliography is given either!? But then again, if the informant is another celtomaniac, then we can understand the author's discretion on his identity.

This being said, in it is found an original special tree order along with its related constellations. His tree ranking is not only different from the oghamic order but also from the Cat Goddeu Battle of Trees order as well. His astral system could in no way qualify as a solar zodiac because: 1, it does not cover the usual sidereal constellations visited by the Sun during the year; and, 2, it does not reflect the Moon's monthly sidereal passage either since it is divided as a 36 part almanac, that is, what one may regard as such with each part as an approximate third of the zodiacal twelfth of the tropic year.

But then again, the assigned dates are irrelevant from the bases of the given calendar timing for them to match the astronomic zodiacal turnover. He too offers a tree order in 36 parts plus 4 for the equinoxes and solstices that defies all comparison. The Gaulish language even had a word for this notion which as Decamnoctiacon, standing for "ten nights sequence".

Among the tree-signs proposed by Bliss, the Nettle-tree, Fig-tree, and Olive-tree can be noticed. But the problem here is that these trees only grew in southern Gaul and were not species growing in most of the countries of ancient Western Celticity J. Her lunar zodiac only makes the ancient Druids look like senile lunatics. Paterson also generously gives much credit to a highly contested source such as that of Olo Morganwg's Barddas which she qualifies as "ancient knowledge" and "esoteric wisdom".

Her proposed "Celtic Lunar Zodiac" sic follows the beth-luisn-nion, oghamic sequence It can in no way be called astrology "of the Ancient Druids" for these reasons: 1- Because beginning near the winter solstice; 2- Because of its reference to planets not having been observed before "modern" times: Uranus, maybe?

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She tells us that Celi was "the great invisible god of the Druids" p. Her sense of etymology is just as bad as her knowledge Celtic mythology, for example she gives Luis Rowan as stemming from Luisiu when the established etymology of Rowan is is Alisos. The term Luis, which derives from Lusis, stood for "mountain ash". Or that the "Welsh Bards referred to the Druids as "Naddreds" or "Adders", a literal term for wise men.

Neptune: Lir? Jupiter: Jovyn Earth: Abred? While Earth as a planet was known as Crundion and not Abred! The Planets as found in the Book of Ballymote Siglae 8 : Most of these symbols are also found in numismatics and in Gaulish art. In light of this, sadly enough this book can only please the fringe romantics and the misinformed of the Neo-pagan, New-Age and Neo- druidical circles.

And then again, if it is shamanic, therefore, has nothing to do with the Celts, and even less with the Druids for that matter. This being said, here are a few words on Kaledon Naddair's tree-signs wheel: As mentioned, the works of Naddair are under copyright so I will remain brief.

We know that the oldest Druidical scheme was based on the lunar mansions. The tree-sign assignments abide by a rigorous oghamic ranking But which cannot be Celtic. But if we forget the shamanic label, here are its qualities for the Celtic domain: Each twelfth of this year pertains to one tree-sign.

This system primarily based on the Goidelic culture as ogham-patterned offers several developments: 1- Thanks to an Ogham-Coelbreni reconciliation of alphabets, it is open to the P-Celtic domain. So much for Naddair Monard's system has the quality of relying on the standards of scholarly research backed by a solid knowledge of Celtic linguistics and traditions. Monard was the first to suspect that there were astrological indications on the Coligny Calendar. These astrological indicators were marked by the abbreviated inscriptions Prin, Prinn.

Monard's research on the Coligny Calendar so far supersedes everything written on Celtic Astrology. The Wheel of Time in Celtic myth is comparable to the Vedic Kalachakra shown here in his stellar representation detail from the Gundestrup Cauldron. The charioteer may change but the vehicle, the sun- chariot, remains on the same path.

A close scrutiny of the Irish manuscripts reveals a system halfway between the Hindu and Greek systems. In fact, astrology western astrology has its origins in the old Indo-European cosmological worldview. The twelve signs of the zodiac were already envisioned at the time of the Rig Veda composition dated circa B.

CELTIC IRISH ASTROLOGY: tree & animal zodiac signs E14

E in the Bronze Age. Astrology can be likened to a movie screen which sets the visual representations of the zodiac in a very narrow band. The Greek poets called it Eurydice's belt. Orpheus almost succeeds in bringing her back from Hades, Land of the dead, back to the Land of the Living.

The same myth is found in the Celtic tradition. It was said that the first thing written in ogham was the Birch sign writen seven times to prevent Lugh's wife from being abducted into the Otherworld. This sets the motion of the Sun's path through the zodiacal signs.

The signs are always 12 to a number at a 30o angle. The Sun moves at about one degree per day and it takes roughly 30 days, a little more than one lunar month to move from one sign to the other. Therefore, each morning the Sun rises at a different point on the horizon. In one year the Sun will have covered o taking This value is almost the same as years ago the Sonnocinxs took then Tradition has it that certain asterisms stellar archipelagos or star clusters were so dense and 1 From the Old Celtic root Dexsiutera, "the righteous".

Certain constellations also overlap during the part of certain months. Confident in your abilities, you can sometimes be mistaken for arrogant. You are also someone who is extremely intelligent and generous, people look up to you! You are most compatible with Ash and Elder. You are naturally intelligent and have excelled academically throughout your life.

Remarkably Accurate Interpretation and Meaning of Celtic Zodiac Signs

Your excellent memory is one of your strongest skills as you can accurately recall subjects you have memorised with ease! You have a great eye for detail which you have to keep in check as this can easily become compulsive. You are always organised and are exceptionally skilled with numbers and analytics.

You are most compatible with Hawthorn and Rowan. September 2 nd — September 29 th. Those whose birth falls under the Vine Tree were born within the autumnal equinox, meaning their personalities are often unpredictable! You are incredibly indecisive, but are wonderful at always seeing both sides of the story.

You have a taste for the finer things in life, and enjoy good food, music, and art. You love luxury! You also have a natural poise and charm. You are most suited to Willow and Hazel. Those born under the Ivy Tree sign are known for their compassion and loyalty to others.

Celtic astrology

You make a good friend, and are always there for those you care about. You can find life difficult at times, however, you have a great ability for overcoming the odds. You are in touch with your spiritual side and are likely to be passionate about your faith. You are most suited to Oak and Ash.

You love to investigate! You are someone who loves to search for hidden truths and are not satisfied until you find the answer, digging deep to find the real meaning behind situations. You must be careful not to be drawn into idle gossip and scandals because you love a story and a bit of excitement. You are most suited to other Reeds, Ash, or Oak. People born under this sign are often outspoken and are known for speaking their minds. You live life to the fullest and are seen as a thrill seeker, living life in the fast lane. Deep down, you are thoughtful and philosophical beneath the wild exterior.

You are considerate of others and strive to help those in need. You are most suited to Alder and Holly. Does it accurately represent you? Let us know! Want to know more? Speak to one of our gifted astrologers today. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

watch Call now… Find out below… December 24 th — January 20 th Birch Tree Those born under the Celtic Birch Tree sign are said to be highly motivated people who love to take chances and achieve their life goals. January 21st — February 17 th Rowan Tree You are very passionate and creative, with a philosophical mind. February 18 th — March 17 th Ash tree Those born under the Ash Celtic tree sign are naturally artistic people.

Celtic Animal Zodiac Signs: Symbols and Meanings

March 18 th — April 14 th Alder Tree You are a sociable, confident person with many friends. April 15 th — May 12 th Willow Tree Those born under the Willow Tree sign are thought to have strong psychic abilities. May 13 th — June 9 th Hawthorn Tree People born under this sign often surprise us! June 10 th — July 7 th Oak Tree You are incredibly wise, with an amazing strength and ability to cope with situations others would not be able to handle.

July 8 th — August 4 th Holly Tree You are most likely to find someone born under the Holly Tree Sign in a position of leadership and power. August 5 th — September 1 st Hazel Tree You are naturally intelligent and have excelled academically throughout your life. September 2 nd — September 29 th Vine Tree Those whose birth falls under the Vine Tree were born within the autumnal equinox, meaning their personalities are often unpredictable!

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