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To say 'I do' on such a day is to take far too great a risk. The day of the World Trade Center attack was an absolutely clear brilliant day Laci Peterson likely had great hopes when she married Scott that she had found her tall dark and handsome Prince Charming. Jessica and Nick likewise probably hoped for a dream come true We wish both of them well, and pray that they find happiness in the future.

We also hope that our readers will learn to use the principles Magi Astrology so that they can avoid making a heartbreaking mistake. The Magi Society believes that astrology is the gift of a Benevolent Creator to help us to attain our dreams Forgot account?

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Sign Up. June 15, at PM. Juno sexual linkages with Saturn captivations. I will note that the biographical information I found did not really point to a stalker relationship between Sid and Nancy. As far as I could ascertain, Sid and Nancy had a relationship characterized by drug abuse and domestic violence. If you know more of the history of this pair, please let me know. Neither of these pairs indicate obvious sexual captivations, though other interesting patterns exist. Sid and Nancy have numerous serious clashes, including one Nuclear Clash, but only one Juno sexual linkage.

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With Hinckley, Jr. I love to hear it all, with an open mind, before making any judgments. Yet one of the most difficult qualities of astrological circles and forums is the rampant hostility or judgment between different schools of thought. It is challenging to find others who will engage on a genuine level of discovery and exchange, rather than having to fight through judgments and misconceptions.

That's made it challenging to find genuine, goodhearted discourse that is free of egos. That said, I have had difficulty getting an opportunity to weigh the merits of magi astro because it's so frequently prevented from fair discussion by naysayers and because magi knowledge and findings are not made easily accessible in a transparent way by the organization. It puts those like me in a tough spot.

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But this thread was an excellent effort to close that gap, so thank you. From what I seem to have gathered on magi info on a superficial level -- because I am not a magi expert , it seems to simply be conclusions made from purely a statistical analysis. Whatever the framework or method is, some of their conclusions complement my own observations in synastry, such as the frequency of chiron aspects in certain kinds of relationships that bond on another level of awareness.

But that doesn't matter. My point is that I get what you're saying, even if our method for getting there is different. After reading through this entire thread, I didn't see any suggestions or interpretations offered for the conjunction of chiron to moon in synastry. That, along with conjunctions to angles, is often left out in magi info than what is publicly out there, probably because it requires birth times. I have my own knowledge of this from an evolutionary and psychological perspective, but I've always wondered how magi defined it in their work.

Would you please share what you know? For ex, do you guys define it as "romantic," "sexual," or "Cinderella? I love learning new perspectives without judgment. Last edited by sadge; at PM. Originally Posted by Svencanz. Hi Sadge, Yes, Magi Astrology is a huge body of knowledge and it keeps expanding. I have recently started working with it again and there has been many developments during the time I have been "asleep," so to speak.

Precisely - angles and moon are left out because they might introduce error, but the angles are generally considered "small suns" from my understanding. There is a lot of information available on the net about Magi Astrology, specifically on the Magi Society's websites.

No, not for going to France as such. You could go to another town in France, I suppose, and then you'd have another natalization chart for that. But the France chart would still be active.

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It would also depend on what planets your "bad" Mercury and Uranus aspects combine with Cheers, Sven. Last edited by isabelleroger; at PM.

Magi Astrology The Most Accurate by Rev Michael of Starintuition

I was looking synastry chart of me and my ex, must be this retrograde mercury haha and i noticed we have lots of chiron aspects. His chiron Chiron Sextile Mercury 5. He left me cuz it was too emotional always he always had to heal me, that what i realized later and i was immature back then i didnt realize that our relationship was i guess too much i dont know.

Its still strange that he is not in my life anymore i always had feeling that he will be in my life forever even now,it doesnt matter if it is like friend or something. After relationship i decided to work on my wounds it kind a opened my eyes and be more mature person soo maybe chiron opens wounds in other person so that person can start healing.


Hi Inside Out Orange, I am going to take a look at your charts and then private message you at your page, as I think that this is a little bit more of a confidential matter. Originally Posted by Frank. Just one last point and I'll leave you be: Please explain to the forum what the "requirements of the Society in order to retain this information" might be.

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