February 10 horoscope for today

As an Aquarius born on February 10th, you seem to be eager to leave a mark in the world but at times get distracted from your own goals, either by temptations or by the needs of those around. You naturally want to please, especially people in your family. Inquisitive, you would travel the world back and forth if that would be possible. Get ready to better understand your horoscope profile below. The zodiac sign for February 10 is Aquarius. Astrological symbol: Water Bearer. This is the symbol of the Aquarius zodiac for people born January 20 - February It suggests simplicity, wealth, nurture and progress.

It lies between Capricornus to the West and Pisces to the East on an area of square degrees. The brightest star is called alpha Aquarii. Opposite sign: Leo. This is relevant in astrology because it shows that partnerships between the Aquarius and Leo sun signs are beneficial and highlight help and generosity.

Modality: Fixed. Reveals how much seriousness and passion exists in the lives of those born on February 10 and how positive they are in general. Ruling house: The eleventh house. This house rules over friendship, hope and dreams. This is a territory just right for the idealistic Aquarius who can only thrive when surrounded by creative social supporters. Ruling body: Uranus. This celestial body is said to influence dexterity and charm. Because of its slow movement, most people from the same generation have Uranus in the same position. Uranus also suggests the detachment in the lives of these natives.

Element: Air. This element unravels a devoted spirit, attracted by complex and idealistic endeavors. People born on February 10 seem to be able to decipher the general picture in a situation quicker than others. Lucky day: Tuesday. Under the governing of Mars, this day symbolizes perceptivity and devotion. It is suggestive for the Aquarius natives who are neat. People born on February 10 are eager and ingenious individuals who know how to carry a conversation with anyone, no matter who they are or how well they know them. They are inquisitive beings, always trying to learn something new and their passion vary a lot.

Daily Horoscope (February 10, 12222)

They are active and prove their solitude and confidence from early years but at the same time they remain very close to those dear to them. Positive traits: Conscientious and philanthropic, these people are very popular and find it easy to connect with their peers. Aquarius people are usually wide minded, passionate for learning new things and convivial beings ready to help other in need. Those born under this sign are also ingenious and oriented towards novelty, this love of new referring to both new things in their lives and meeting new people.

Negative traits: Unpredictable, exasperated and full of sarcasm these natives can be quite malevolent with other people, especially with those who they don't believe to be worthy of their scrutiny. They often make arrangements on a whim and then require the support of others to see them through. They are not very honorable and are not afraid to hurt one's emotions when they feel as if there is a higher goal to that and their priorities are bigger than a simple pact. Lovers born on February 10 are versatile and ingenious.

Daily Horoscope: February 8th to February 10th

They do know how to conquer someone one they get passionate, not only they know how to charm their way through words but also with gestures. They are attracted to active and unpredictable person who can keep them guessing but also keep up with their energy.

Mars enters Scorpio

Today, the Moon is joined strongly with Mars and Uranus in the sign of Aries as well. An argument can brew and you decide to remove yourself from a situation all together. Some may decide to break things off and give space before diving into a major life changing commitment. With the Moon in Aries, be conscientious about choices that seem to be perfect now, but later you see with greater clarity.

Be willing to wait, even though your heart and mind may say to go ahead and rush into something in order not to miss out. The universe will gift you with a blessing when you do. You think alot. There are moments, however, when you speak with criticism. Not today. Today, when you speak, you will be like a fountain of love to those who hear you. So, share your thoughts. You're long over due! There's some with amazing qualities and then there's the full package.

February 10th Birthday Horoscope

You will experience a boost in your confidence and enjoy a more intimate connection in your love life. Today is a day for you to exercise the power of intention and use your imagination. Imagine what is it that the perfect relationship would be for you. What does it sound like? What does it feel like? How might this type of experience complete your dreams of true love?

Once you've got that picture in your mind, release it as a pure intention into the universe and believe it will happen. Adventure is here and although the rest of the star signs are thinking things over today, you shall take action. Prepare to step outside your comfort zone as you try something new.

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Maybe you won't know this person well, but the communication will flow. It could also mean trying out a new experience with a current lover. If you feel like taking the chance, it's a good day for it! Be safe and have fun! You may be in a relationship and feel appreciated more by your partner. Or if you've been dating around, one guy will stand out more than others because of how he treats you.

Libra Health & Wellness Horoscope

You start out being mentally sharp, working well with others and you might also enjoy visiting with older people. Good news may be coming for Capricorn cuspers, but later on things turn sour; domestic worries could crop up, even more intensely if you live with a control freak. All of you may have trouble speaking, or might say the wrong thing by Halloween.

Hey, just put on a Dick Cheney mask, grab your Cancer buds and go trick-or-treating! Most of you will be energetic, mentally sharp and able to get your thoughts across to other people. There are a few of you who will still be in a pissy mood throughout the first week of the month, and some of you will be frustrated and stressed out until mid month. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!

The bad news is that you might piss people off when they hear what you have to say. And emotional pressure may cause an ugly scene with the wrong person. Not to worry! You are friendly, but detached on an emotional level. You like people but relate more on a humanitarian level. You are innovative, inventive and a modern thinker. A non-conformist. You value your independence highly, and some will find committed relationships stiffling. Working with groups can appeal especially when change and a new approach is their aim.

His moods were unpredictable and not always kindly to others. He disowned his children, distanced himself from his wife Gaea, preferring to roam his domain alone. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign. It is, in fact, an Air sign, interested in knowledge.

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  • The Symbol shows a handsome young person pouring water into the earth. This depicts the pouring out of knowledge to be shared with all humanity.