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And in , Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar was born. Ketu Sun Merc Sat. Ascdt Ketu Mars Ascdt Jup. When I was about 20 by which time I was supposed to be familiar with the general astrological principles, I was curious to know as to why the Maharaja did not get any children, though the lord of the 5th, viz.. Mars was aspecting the 5th from the 2nd. Grandfather's explanation was : The 5th house was much afflicted because of the combined influence on it of three malefics, viz. The 5th lord Mars was-rendered weak because of his association with Mandi.

In the Navamsa again the 5th house is occupied by the Sun and Saturn and Venus. These are unfavourable combinations preventing birth of children as grandfather explained to me. Moreover all the three houses connected with married life, viz. The Maharaja's married life was unhappy. It was rumoured that the husband and wife never had any marital relations. He was born on at a. A couple of months before the Maharaja died.

Sir Mirza called on grandfather to ascertain the longevity of the ruler. The prediction was that the end of Mercury in Mercury would be fatal : and the death could be due to some sort of "paralysis". Grandfather's reasoning was : "It is a yogayus horoscope, which means when the lord of Lagna is in the 4th and the lord of the 8th is at a place other than a kendra or a thrikona and the lords of the Lagna and the 8th are disposed in dwirdjvadasa 2nd and 12th or shashtashtaka 6th and 8th.

The maximum longevity could not be more than Mercury in Mercury should prove fatal as Mercury as lord of the 12th is in the 8th from the Moon and occupies the constellation of the Sun, a maraka. Mercury occupies Krittika and is blemished by the Sun and Saturn. The native may become afflicted with paralysis". The Maharaja died as predicted. Moon Ketu Mars Ketu Merc. Saturn Mandi.

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When Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar was born on at p. Venus would be the villain of the piece because of his lordship of the 6th and 11th and situation in the 9th. In support of this grandfather quoted a sloka from Cargo Samhita.

The association of Venus with Saturn and Mandi, would deprive him of his kingdom. It was in Venus Dasa that the Maharaja lost everything, except his reputation as a righteous and noble man. His Highness Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, the last Maharaja of Mysore, sought from me astrological guidance on some occasions. In , he presided over two of my special lectures delivered at the Mysore University. He was then the Governor of Madras besides being the Chancellor of the University.

In fact His Highness had strongly endorsed my plea for the introduction of Astrology at the Mysore University. We had met several times after But three years before his death, he sought my advice on an important matter. There was an alleged attempt to poison him. The Maharaja had suspected some of his relatives. Ramachandra Rao, a former Education Minister who was in the confidence of the Maharaja and another Congressman Siddaveerappa who was till recently a Minister in Kamataka, came all the way from Mysore with a religious head seeking my astrological opinion as to who could be behind the alleged attempt.

When I told them that such predictions could be given only to the person concerned. His Highness sent word to me and we had a long discussion at his summer palace. Being himself a keen student of Astrology, he appreciated my arguments and expressed satisfaction that my finding endorsed his suspicion. He did not however wish to pursue the matter further or publicise it He said that he believed in what he called "Divine dispensation".

I had indicated to him then that Mars sub-period in the Sun. Dasa might prove fatal to his life and he was advised remedial measures. But by then he had become a stoic and the flagrant violation by the then Government of India of the assurances given to him and other Indian rulers by Sardar VaIIabhbhai Patel had made him sorrowful and resigned to his fate. According to him, the Ascendant and the 8th and their lords should be beneficially disposed receiving the aspect or association of either Jupiter or Venus.

He always laid stress on the situation in a kendra of the lord of the Lagna or Jupiter or Venus. But in my humble experience, the mere presence of one of these lords in a Kendra, should not be the sole criterion for determining the longevity. In the light of experience one has to revise one's views and experience has taught me the basic truth that in Astrology, a literal application of textbook rules should not be done.

I was born on A. I was able to gather from him, later on, that the combination which warranted his anticipations about my future were : Gajakesari, i. He was laying stress on the strength of the Ascendant and the fortification or otherwise of the lord. Grandfather had a flair for uncanny prediction and in analyzing the combinations that indicated a certain event In my own case, he laid stress on the strong disposition of the tenth house by the conjunction of Jupiter with- the meridian point and the strengthening of the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord by the aspect of all the three benefices, viz..

Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. He observed about me : "This boy is certain to become a great writer and will, from what I could see from his horoscope, make a name for himself in Astrology. For a while I had to stay with a distant relative of ours, who had. The house was situated. I felt very uncomfortable and was waiting for an opportunity to leave the place. An aunt of mine lived in ChamarajapeL I would go to my aunt's place for bath, have coffee and get back to the Cottonpet residence by a. I would be given food at a. This period of six months from July to December was one of agony and financial distress.

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Every week-end I would go to the village and get back to Bangalore on Monday morning in time for college. One night while waiting in a Railway Station to catch a train to Mysore, my eyes caught sight of a book with the zodiac drawn on the cover. I immediately bought it It was a translation into English of a German work on Astrology. As the train started on its journey, I became engrossed in its contents.

There were two other occupants Englishmen in the carriage who sat opposite me. When my book was finished and as I laid it down, I noticed that the eyes of one of the two persons were fixed on the drawing of the zodiac that adorned the cover. In a bantering way, he said : "You evidently believe in Astrology. I wonder even in the 20th century there should be people reading books on Astrology.

Creation is cosmos, not chaos. If the planetary systems represent the macrocosm or Brahmanda and the individual represents the microcosm or Pindanda, then it is logical to assume that changes taking place in the macrocosm have their vicissitudes on the microcosm also. That is the point that would appeal to me if I could bring myself to believe in such a thing". Tell me if you can, whether I will be successful in my attempts to start a business in the near future?

I constructed a chart mentally. I explained to him the rationale of Horary Astrology or Prasna and how the birth of an idea was as important as the birth of an individual. I explained the relevant good and bad aspects prevailing at the time of the question and then I called his attention to the position of Saturn in the 10th house in the asterism of destruction and that of Jupiter lord of Ascendant in the 4th house and said that the venture would be a success within six months. Stretching himself comfortably, the man laughed.

By now it was past midnight and I got into my berth. It was in when both Jupiter and Saturn were retrograde in Aries, that he met with a financial crash and committed suicide. It was then that I realised the significance of the movements of Saturn and the Moon's ascending Node with regard to the Ascendant at the time of a question. This is one of the most important principles in Horary Astrology that has found illustration in a number of cases which I had to deal with subsequently. The period between and was of enormous significance in my life.

It was during these years that the real foundation for my future astrological proficiency was laid. While in college, I was more interested in ransacking books available in the library on Logic and History than confining my attention to purely text-books. Logic always intrigued me. I felt logic would be useful in enabling me to get a clear picture of the theory of Astrological knowledge.

In studying horoscopes, we arrive at certain inferences. And the inferences can be valid when they are justified by the evidence given in support of them. For example an inference is drawn regarding longevity this inference being justified by the evidence, i. It did not occur to me then that an inference could be true only if it expressed the facts as they were.

Sometimes we may make inferences which turn out to be true though they may not be justified by the available evidence. Logic is the study of valid inference, not true inference. And in Astrology, the inference must not only be valid but true. The study of the conditions of true inference would mean, an investigation into the truth of all possible premises an obviously impossible task, and hence the limitations ot the logical approach in regard to drawing astrological inferences.

Our logic lecturer, one Thirumalai, was hard of hearing and some what short-tempered. He would insist on our taking copious notes which he would dictate patiently.

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We were then expected to memorize all that we took down. This was a hard job for me. There were a set of boys who used to faithfully carry out these instructions and who became the favourites of the lecturer. On my pan I only tried to understand the subject In the first terminal examination, the marks got in logic were read aloud in the classroom. My marks were not revealed and I was asked to see the lecturer in his room which I did.

The teacher said that my performance in the examination had belied said that my performance in the. Logic tells you how to reason but it cannot enable you to arrive at truth. It can even belie truth by clever arguments. Thinimalai knew something of Astrology. He took up the horoscope of a girl who had died in her 5th year and went on adducing arguments in favour of long life, tearing out my contentions that combinations for infant mortality were present Youth, want of experience, over-enthusiasm and over-confidence were all on my side.

He wound up the discussion with the remarks : "Astrology is not a science in the sense of physics or mathematics, the study of which "equires adherence to the conventionalities of common-sense reasoning and ordinary logic. It is not a mere appeal to the reasoning faculty of man but is an appeal to his hidden powers and capacities.

A certain amount of intuitive capacity must be brought to bear upon attempts at studying horoscopes. Astrology deals with living beings and not with physical matter. Therefore cold reasoning devoid of intuitive perception will lead you to incorrect conclusions. Try to cultivate your powers of intuition. In narrating my experiences, the reader may perhaps feel that I have studiously omitted making reference to predictions that may not have been fulfilled. There have been instances where my predictions have either gone wrong or have partially come true.

And I shall refer to some of them in the subsequent chapters. In he majority of cases I have had the good fortune of making successful predictions. When I had put in a term of six months or so in the pro-degree class, I had to discontinue my studies, because I was required to assist grandfather in his work. Disappointed and purposeless, I felt I would drift like a rudderless ship. In the meantime, however, I used to be given now and then some instructions in predictive Astrology. I studied astronomy and mathematical Astrology by myself without anybody's guidance and mastered almost the entire range of astrological mathematics.

My favourite books were the ancient classics on Astrology and astronomy. Within the period of the next three years, what I lost In general education was more than compensated for by the astrological and astronomical equipment I was able to accumulate. An ulcer in the right foot, operated in , continued to trouble grandfather restricting his physical movements.

Father's eye-sight had practically failed. My uncle the late Mr. Lakshminarain Rao was in Government educational service, away from Bangalore. I had therefore to chose between continuing my education and my responsibilities to grandfather and the family. Thanks to my own conscience the latter course was chosen. My college studies were discontinued in December Chandy, P. D'Souza and K. Srinivasa lyengar, not to speak of the lesser fry. My work consisted in receiving the V.

Ps, providing them with light refreshments and seeing them off after their discussions with grandfather were over. Another important assignment given to me was to keep ready horoscope-castings, working out Dasa etc. I would patiently listen to the analysis made by grandfather and register it in my memory. Stealing what little time was possible after attending to an endless list of daily chores, I would commit to memory slokas from Jataka Chandrika and Brihat Jataka. It so happened around that time, an astronomer Suryanarayana Siddhanti, hailing from Andhra, stayed with us for nearly a year.

He spent most of his time computing the Panchanga or almanac. My curiosity roused, I started learning these calculations from him. Apart from Surya Siddhanta, a hand-written Telugu copy of which he possessed, we studied two other Karanagranthas or hand-books, viz. Tedious and cumbersome arithmetical calculations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division had to be done.

I had then no idea of modem astronomy and was ignorant of trigonometry though I had a fairly good knowledge of geometry and algebra. I would marvel then at the intelligence of the ancient astronomers, who, without employing higher mathematics, even though they knew it, devised methods based on arithmetic alone to enable the rank and file to calculate the positions of planets. Khachara Darpana was precise, brief and to the point and it appealed to me. My studies in astronomy progressed fairly well covering madhyamadhikara mean motions , spashtaahikara true places and triprasnadhikara direction, place and time in Surya Siddhanta.

These chapters covered also such details as chaya shadow , bhuja equinoctial distance , calculation of tithi, yoga, Karana, etc. When we reached suryagrahanadhyaya solar eclipse , the study had to be curtailed for the reason that grandfather took strong objection to what he called my "meddling" with the planets. He said, those who probed into these secrets would eventually become most unfortunate losing their wives and children and that grihasthas family people should not compute panchangas.

During this period one of the occasional visitors to our house was Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Siva Sankara Sastry, a great Sanskrit scholar and astronomer. He was generally good to me and would explain any intricate passages I came across in the two books of my study. Once there was a discussion on the subject of Ayanamsa between Sri Sastry and grandfather. I and the Siddhanti were also present The discussion hinged on stanza 9 of Chapter in trimsat krityo yugebhanam chakram prakparilambate , especially the words trimsat krityo which according to the commentary of Ranganatha means times, which means the equinox oscillates times in a Mahayuga 43,20, years from the fixed point near Zeta Piscium.

But Bhaskaracharya in his Siddhantasiromani says that according to Surya Siddhanta it is trimsatkritye, i. It was explained that in the version of Surya Siddhanta then available to Bhaskara, there might have been an interpolation with the consequence trimsatkritye instead of trimsatkrityo was found, Bhaskara himself gives the number of revolutions of me. It was suggested by Sri Sastry that 54" should be accepted as the rate of precession, on the basis of the Surya Siddhanta definition of the precession of the equinoxes.

This discussion did not interest me much at that time. I had no access to Western ephemerides and all castings were being done according to panchangas. Later on as my knowledge of Hindu astronomy progressed, I realised the importance of such a discussion and the justification for preferring 54" as processional value by the traditional astronomers.

My interest in understanding the intricacies of calculating eclipses could be whetted down only after I came into possession of a copy of the English translation of Surya Siddhanta by Rev. It was said Burgess was a bigotted missionary and some of his remarks were highly prejudiced. But his textual translation, I was told, was quite factual. When the late Mr. Narain Rao, author of "Perpetual Ephemeris", met me in or so he endorsed grandfather's opinion that panchanga calculations should not be done by householders.

Many beliefs such as this, held by a section of the educated public, cannot of course be given credence. But, it has been within my knowledge that some of the astronomers, whose sole profession was panchanga calculation, have met with serious calamities, besides suffering poverty. My training under Suryanarayana Siddhanti gave me a good grounding in Hindu astronomy which as years passed on enabled me to understand well modem astronomy. The Siddhanti was also a bit of an astrologer in his own way. Questions by local and other villagers bearing on disappearance of cattle, theft, illness, success and failure in undertakings, missing persons, etc.

He was fairly accurate in his answers. I give below some of the simple methods he used. Divide the total by 8. If the remainder is 1,3,7, the object in view will be fulfilled in 20 days; failure; 4,6, in 3 days; 5, very soon. For example on 15th September at 2 p. Adding the tithi 10 , weekday Saturday7 , nakshatra Aridra6 , the yama p.

Dividing this by 8, the remainder is 1, which means the object will be fulfilled within 20 days. Regarding the return of a person who has gone out of station count from Krittika constellation to the constellation of the day. Divide this by 7. If the remainder is 1, lie will be still in the place of visit; if 2, he will return very early; if 3, he will have left the place and gone to some other place; if 4, he will return on the same day the question was put; if 5, his return will be delayed; if 6.

These methods may seem too simplistic and be dismissed as unscientific. But the village astrologers swear that they work and they are successful in the majority of cases. I give below some more methods for the readers' information. A query pertaining to the sex of the child to be born can be answered thus : Add together the number of letters in the lady's name, the lunar day, the weekday number and Divide this by 9. If the remainder is an even number, the child is female; if odd, male. In regard to a question bearing on loss of an article : Add together the number of the lunar day, weekday and constellation and 3.

Divide it by 5. If the remainder is I, the article is on the ground or floor in the house; if 2, in water or watery places nearby; if 3, concealed under some debris; if 4, will not be found; and if 5, will be got back after much delay. I picked up quite a number of such methods bearing on different aspects of lifemarriage, birth of children, disease, death, etc. For instance when a person falls ill on the 12th lunar day coinciding with Sunday and the constellation of Makha, he will suffer for a long time. Similarly the following combinations prolong the illness delaying recovery and causing complication; 11th lunar day with Visakha and Thursday; the 5th lunar day, Aridra and Thursday; 3rd lunar day, Uttarashadha and Wednesday; 6th lunar day, Satabhisha and Thursday; 8th lunar day, Aswini and Friday; and 9th lunar day, Poorvashadha and Saturday, especially when these stars happen to be the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th from one's birth constellation.

The Chandragarbha and Chakra can also be considered as fairly reliable methods to answer questions pertaining to illness. These methods may have some rationale, some son of a sequence between numerological and psychological factors. About 2 miles from out village in a place called. Suggatta, there lived an arrogant mantravadi Sorcerer by name Sangappa, a Lingayat by caste. He was a terror to the villagers all round. He claimed to reveal the past, present and future by a process known as "gazing at the thumb". For this, the nail on the right thumb was to be smeared.

Raising the thumb to the level of the eye, one gazed at the oil-smeared nail until he could see enacted before him, as on a television screen the past and future of the querist. I tried this method for a while but found it useless. Sangappa was said to be an expert in this art. By his "mantric power" he claimed to paralyse one's limbs, or damage one's mind or cause misfortunes to the enemy. All such tales about Sangappa did not frighten me.

He was the brother-in-law of one Parvatappa who was in charge of our lands at Suggatta. Once I paid a surprise visit to Sangappa's place which frightened him. It happened in the following circumstance. Two farmers not on good terms with Sangappa complained of the theft of their goats. This was an opportunity for me, I thought, to test the methods I had learnt from the Siddhanri. I figured out that the culprit was Sangappa himself. When I told him mat I had looked into the prosrta and found out he was the thief, he got so upset, he threatened to call into operation all the "spirits" at his command to see that I lost my power of speech.

I was not frightened in me least. I told him his kshudra vidya would have no effect on me. The police meanwhile found he had stolen the goats but no case was registered. He was let off with a warning. Sangappa offered to initiate me into what he called karnapisachi mantra so that I could answer "any question bearing on theft, illness,etc".

Though I rejected his offer, the idea that I must also practise some such mantra persisted until the happening of another episode described below. Once I had to present myself before the Amildar at Devanahally in response to a notice sent by him to grandfather that all gun-owners should personally appear before him to get their licences renewed. Before meeting the Amildar, I found out astrologically on the basis of. This did not dampen my spirits and I decided to meet him all the same. Amildars or Tahsildars in those days commanded much respect which today even ministers do not He said that the licence would be renewed only if the owner, and not anyone on his behalf, came.

This was too much for me. Grandfather moved on equal terms with the ministers and maharajas and how could this ' petty official summon him, so I thought. I lost my temper and declared I would see that the Amildar himself visited our place, apologised and renewed the licence. I left immediately in anger. After a week, Mr. D'Souza, a member of the Council, called on grandfather to seek his advice on some matters. I reported to Mr D'Souza the impertinent and disrespectful behaviour of the Amildar towards grandfather.

Within three days, the Amildar came to our place, apologised and renewed the licence. Later on we became friends and met occasionally until or when he passed away. Mr D'Souza, a Mangalore Catholic Christian, was well known for his integrity, efficiency and administrative ability. He knew grandfather even from the days of his holding subordinate positions in the State. He was born on at about p. Venus Ketu Moon Ascdt. Sun Mercury Venus Ketu Jupit. Mars Jupiter Rahu Sat. He had to face a tough problem involving his reputation about the beginning of , when he was at the fag end of the Sun Dasa.

I was asked to find out the problem and what the outcome would be. I figured it out thus : The Sun as lord of the 6th is in the 6th ruling enemies, debts and diseases. He is with Mars lord of the 2nd and the 9th and Mercury lord of the 4th and the 7th.

From Chandra Lagna, the Sun as lord of the 2nd is in the 2nd no doubt with Yogakaraka Mars; but the lord of the 3rd and me 12th Mercury is also involved suggesting some financial involvement and displeasure of the ruler. But as the Moon Dasa was about to commence, the native would come out unscathed.

Imagine my happiness when grandfather told me that my analysis was fairly accurate and that one day I would also become a great astrologer. This was my first successful prediction. He was so pleased with my performance that he presented me with a lace dhoti.

In Mr. D'Souza's horoscope, the Moon ruling the mind is not afflicted. He was good tempered though somewhat impulsive. Saturn's aspect made him always worried. Lord of the Ascendant in the 7th unafflicted gave him a loving wife, despite the fact that Venus is associated with Ketu and aspected by Saturn. This is a case in point to suggest that merely on the basis of the affliction of kalalrakaraka, one should not conclude that one's marriage would be unhappy or one will have a second marriage.

Here it will be seen that Venus is in his own house. In this horoscope putrakaraka Jupiter happens to be lord of the Ascendant and is well placed in the 7th. Lord of the 5th, the Moon, is in his own house in the 5th in the constellation of Saturn who also aspects the 5th house. D'Souza had 18 children. D'Souza was indeed proud of what she called "her wealth". I met Mr. D'Souza again in or , after my return from U. He expressed his happiness over my successful life. He wanted to know about his longevity. He was told that his 87th year would be critical.

And he died at this age. In the beginning of a man called Syed Ibrahim who styled himself a fakir came to stay with us to treat father's defective eyesight He chimed that he was a Syed and hence as good as a Brahmin. He spoke chaste Kannada and knew something of Astrology. But for his name he was all Hindu. He said that he would be able to restore father's vision by some herbal treatment He claimed to be a fnantric and herbalist To whet my appetite he gave me a book in Kannada which described some mantras and the miracles they would enable one to perform inciting the revelation of the past, present and future.

This fascinated me. He used to describe the use of the various herbs and how by practising certain mantras in a burial place one could control spirits which would always be at one's beck and call enabling one to perform miracles. Ibrahim was a lean anatomical structure, of. He persuaded me to undergo "training" in this "an".

The night of a New Moon day was chosen as auspicious to commence this vidya. Our watchman was bribed four annas to keep our adventure secret. After everyone at home had gone to sleep, Ibrahim led me to the cremation ground. Actually it was a grave-yard as the majority population in the village were Lingayats and Vokkaligas, and ours was the only Brahmin family. In those days the surroundings were not quite safe during night times as a gang of robbers was said to be on the prowl attacking passers-by.

Generally it was not safe to set out after 10 o'clock in the night But Ibrahim claimed that he had control over a number of spirits and anyone approaching him with harmful intentions would become unconscious and collapse the moment he invoked his controlled spirit. I was made to sit facing the south after a bath in a nearby pond. He pretended to be talking to his spirit guide, waved a wand in front of me from right to left and asked me to close my eyes.

This done, he murmured in my left ear what he called Kama Pisachi mantra. The mantra read: kahakale kalika pinda pisacha hrimphat. Later on I learnt that the suffix phat is used only when the object in view is destructive. He asked me to repeat it times and said that I might even see immediately a small female figure with a dark body, three blood-red eyes, big stomach, white tongue, holding human skulls in two hands and shedding smoke and coloured flame from her body with flowing hair strewn on both the cheeks.

All this ritual did not frighten me in the least because of the conviction I had developed that one who regularly recited Gayatri Mantra could not be harmed by any spirits. This exercise to "control spirits" was continued on the next krishnashtami and chaturdasi 8th and 14th lunar days of the dark iialf. Ibrahim had instructed me to report to him the moment I saw any vision of the type he had described. I also imagined sometimes that I had begun seeing such an apparition. But on the next New Moon day i. We was struck dumb to see me with Ibrahim at such an odd hour at a prohibited place.

He immediately reported the matter to grandfather. The next morning I was strongly rebuked and warned that I had taken to a pernicious practice which would ruin my life and family and result in a tragic end to my own life. Ibrahim was asked to quit immediately despite his protests that the treatment of father's eyes was only half-done. It was subsequently discovered that the only treatment he had been giving had been to put two drops of the juice of nandivardana flower twice daily into father's eyes. Grandfather's admonition that one should never resort to kshudra mantras, ucchista mantras etc.

I bade farewell once for all to my misdirected adventure to secure control over spirits. Grandfather's advice was that an astrologer should always practise a mahamanira to enable him to develop his predictive power. It was decades later after most of my forecasts, whether bearing on nations or individuals, were fulfilled that I was able to understand the meaning and significance of a mahamantra. Still very young in age and intellectually immature, I would silently watch the discussions which sometimes took the form of heated arguments.

But grandfather would remark that arguments would not solve fundamental questions. He was not a fatalist. He believed that by right action an indicated evil could be overcome. Such abstruse questions were out of my comprehension, though I now feel that they could have then registered themselves on my subconscious mind, and surfaced as my powers of thinking and comprehension grew.

In support of his thesis that one can neutralise powerful planetary afflictions grandfather would cite a number of practical cases handled by him, the most important of which was the birth of a son to the Yuvaraja of Mysore. The present Maharaja had no children.

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  6. I was desired to get some santhis. Discontinuance of my college studies and acting as secretary to the great man that grandfather was had its own impact on me. Listening to grandfather's discussions and eloquent speeches contributed not a little to moulding my own thinking and paving the way for my taking a decision that I should champion the cause of our ancient culture in general and Astrology in particular, come what may.

    My vague so-called scientific ideas of my shortlived college days receded to the background. The ancient history teacher M. Pranatharthiharan, a short stout and aggressive gentleman, used to insist on us taking copious notes as he went on lecturing on Myonan civilization, or the rule of Xerxes etc. I resented this imposition but was too timid to assert myself. One day I was asked to meet him in the teachers' room. He had powerful command over the English language and scolded me using choice words for my 'disobedience'.

    I collected myself and coolly replied that being a student of Astrology, I was observing his gestures, the way he spoke, etc. I retorted: "Your Ascendant could be Sagittarius, as you are stout; Rahu could be in the second because of your gestures and style of speaking, and you have no happiness from your wife. Haran cooled down and meekly said that I was correct in every respect. Haran was a brilliant scholar in ancient history.

    His wife was always ailing with suspected tuberculosis. We became "friends". From that day onwards he never took me to task for not taking notes. I have reproduced above the chart given to me by Haran. Two of my conclusions, viz. Though Venus is well placed in the 7th, lord of that house. Mercury is afflicted. The lady suffered from a lingering disease. It was only in or when I was struggling against innumerable odds to assert myself as an exponent of Astrology that I met my old teacher.

    He was still in service but was showing signs of premature aging due to domestic problems. Thirumalai, an M. His exposition of the dry subject in the class-room was quite interesting and entertaining. Being a friend of my uncle the late B. Lakshminarain Rao. Thirumalai began to take some interest not only in my studies but also in my astrological "activities".

    He knew Astrology fairly well and would often put me into embarrassing situations by quoting from Tamil classics. Once it was my turn to "challenge" him. It was in the following circumstance. An elderly colleague of his had a serious health problem. His Lagna was Leo and Saturn was in the 7th. He was almost at the fag end of Saturn Dasa.

    Thirumalai cited Tamil texts in support of his conclusion that his colleague would not recover from his serious illness. I controverted his conclusion taking cover under a dictum of Jataka Chandrika this was the only text I then knew fairly well that "Saturn does not kill the native even if endowed with Maraka powers" because the Lagna was Leo. Unfortunately for Thirumalai, his colleague recovered after an operation. I felt that a new feather had been added to my cap and told my teacher in a naughty tone that since he was a logician he would not be able to make correct forecasts.

    Pride before fall is as true as dusk after sunset.

    Astrologer predicts Cong fall; Mamata to emerge powerful

    From that day onwards I was the object of special attention in the class-room by the logic teacher. The controversy between adrishta or vidhi so-called fatalism and purushakara or ichchasakti so called will-power was being discussed in the teachers' room by other teachers also joining the discussion, sometimes resulting in heated arguments. My intellectual capacity was nominal and inadequate to enter into serious discussions but still I was pressing my point of view, based neither on experience nor on theoretical knowledge, that one could change one's future entirely by effort, remedial measures, etc.

    Thirumalai would tear my thesis to shreds by his logical arguments. While not owning defeat, I would merely say that logic was no good for Astrology. Thirumalai would assert that logic was an essential ingredient for establishing the truth or otherwise of a proposition. In Astrology, judgment or inference is essentially a process of synthesis. But there is difference between inference and correct inference. An astrological inference can be considered to be valid if justified by the evidence, i. This was the argument advanced by Thirumalai. I could not make much sense of it then.

    But in due course I realised that while logic was important in its own way in astrological interpretation, an inference arrived at logically, though valid, need not be true. For example, according to texts, Venus, as Kalatrakaraka in the 7th house spoils or blemishes the 7th house. Applying this principle to a chart, we are correct in logically inferring that the married life of the native who has this combination may not be happy.

    This is a valid inference also. But it may not be a true or correct inference, to arrive at which, an intuitional approach is very necessary. When I explained this to Thirumalai in or so, when he called at my office, he nodded assent and shared my view that logic alone could not lead to correct judgment. Thirumalai lived close to my own residence'at Bangalore in the fifties and he was all praise for my work in the field of Astrology. A Pandit from Andhra, claiming to be an expert in ancient astronomical instruments, visited us in December The Pandit stayed with us for about a month during which period he constructed for my edification some instruments, one or two of which I shall describe below.

    A hole of the size of a black-gram seed is made in a copper vessel measuring 4 inches wide and 3 inches high and weighing about This vessel is floated in another bigger vessel full of clean water. The time required for the copper vessel to sink, after getting filled up to the brim,'is one ghati. The experiment was tried three times and the time required for the copper vessel to sink was 23 minutes 58 seconds. A ghati is equal to 24 minutes. Perhaps the slight difference could have been due to the crude method of experimentation employed by us.

    This demonstration, though elementary, was thrilling at that time. He also constructed what he called the gnomon phalaka yantra, yasti for finding the palabha, dhiyantra etc. Though simple and primitive looking from the modem point of view it seemed as though these instruments were an essential part of ancient astronomical studies. Sixty years have passed since I met the Andhra Pandit. I have yet to come across one matching his resourcefulness and expertise in the construction of such instruments. The same Pandit was also instrumental in kindling my interest in observational astronomy and taught me to identify starts and find time during nights.

    To cite an example, if the constellation of Sravana, i. Similarly if Swati is at the meridian, ghatis in Capricorn will have elapsed at the horizon. These formulae appear to have been framed taking into consideration the duration of signs in some place in Andhra. Therefore they cannot be universally applicable. At best they could give the approximate longitude of the Lagna though the Lagna itself may be accurate.

    The formula could be easily committed to memory to enable an astrologer to answer questions any time and anywhere without the need of an ephemeris. A method in horary employed by the pandit based on the counting of cowries was believed to be dependable in answering questions. It was as follows. The astrologer, after purification in the morning with a bath and worship of his family deity, should hand over 25 cowries to the querist after uttering the mantra Om namo bhagavate chamundeswari malayala swaroopinee sarvasiddhikarinee. The querist should drop cowries on the floor after shaking them well.

    Astrologer’s day

    If no cowry falls with its head on, repeat the shuffling and drop the cowries again on the floor. Who will predecease husband or wife? A simple method was suggested by the pandit. Count from the star of the wife to that of the husband. Multiply this by 7 and divide the product by Call the remainder x.

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    Similarly count from the star of the husband to that of the wife; multiply the figure by 7 and divide the product by Call it y. If y is greater than x, the wife will predecease. Otherwise the husband will predecease. To take an example: The wife's star is Satabhisha and the husband's Mrigasira. Counting Mrigasira from Satabisha we get 9. Multiplying this by 7 and dividing the product by 28, the remainder x will be 7. Since y is greater than x, the wife will predecease the husband. It should not be construed that in giving these simple astrological and quasi-astrological methods, still in vogue amongst a section of village astrologers, I endorse or make use of them.

    In several instances, the results have been remarkable. It is for the readers to experiment with them and decide their utility. Moon Rahu Ascdt. He was born on at about 10 p. The Nawab was addicted to cigar-smoking. I was asked to calculate the longevity of the Nawab by grandfather. My conclusion was : Lord of the Ascendant Venus is in his own house with Ketu. Lord of the 8th Jupiter is in a trine in association with Mercury and the Sun.

    Lord of the 3rd from the Moon is in the 8th therefrom while lord of Chandra Lagna aspects Chandra Lagna. Therefore, the native has middle life. Mars as lord of the 7th and the 12th could be Maraka, as he also owns the 2nd from the Moon. Hence Mars Dasa may prove fatal. While appreciating my arguments grandfather disagreed with my conclusion. According to him the Moon could be a Maraka, because as lord of the 3rd he is aspected by Mars, a Maraka; Saturn, a malefic and the Sun lord of the 6th and Mercury lord of the 7th and 4th.

    He warned the Nawab that his 47th year might prove critical unless he stopped his smoking. The Nawab passed away about the middle of or so due to congestion of the lungs. My apprenticeship indirectly under my grandfather and other Pandits who visited Suryalaya gave me selfconfidence, a fairly good grounding in collateral subjects and the opportunity to learn from those who were experts in their own way.

    In a sense, what was lost by way of general education was made good by insights into. It was during this period that I learnt by practical experience the dignity of labour, the pangs of poverty and how, in life, appearance is always different from reality. The Maharaja of Mysore presented grandfather with Rs.

    Grandfather spent this sum by giving loans to our family dhobi washerman , priest, maistry and many others hoping that such loans would be paid back or otherwise adjusted. Those who cried for help while they were in distress never cared to pay back the amounts given to them. The financial position was so bad that I had to visit the debtors scattered in different villages for collection.

    Once the situation was so grave that we had to somehow manage to get Rs. I was sent to a village called Begur, about 10 miles from our own village to collect the money against the loan advanced to one Nanjunda Deekshita. With an escort I walked the distance of 10 miles and met the debtor. His wife pleaded with me pathetically about their own affairs and I had to return empty-handed. I was only 16 years old then. Walking a distance of 20 miles in one day resulted in severe bruises on my soles. My grandmother had to tend me for a week after that.

    Though Nanjunda Deekshita sent me back with no money he taught me what he called a snap-shot astrological method according to which one could find out in advance whether or not such a 'mission' as I had undertaken would be successful so that unnecessary physical and mental strain could be avoided. The method was of course quite simple. Ask for a number of three digits. The unit, the tenth and the hundredth digits respectively represent the future, the present and the past ruled by the planets of the appropriate number, namely I-the Sun 7the.

    Malefic planets denote : the Sunpartly successful. Mars results in quarrels, Saturn much effort necessary, Rahunot beneficial, and benefices denoting : Jupitersuccess guaranteed, Venussuccess and pleasant happenings. Mercurymuch effort necessary and the Moonnot bad. I was so much in love with Astrology I would put to test every method of prediction that came my way.

    After a week I had to go to another village called Kadiganahally to collect money from the washerman. I thought of a number the unit-digit of which was 5 ruled by Venus. I became jubilant at the impending success. When I went to the village and asked the washerman to make at least a pan payment towards his debt, he pleaded inability due to his own bad circumstances. But he assured me he would pay me back in kind. He gave lemon fruits and a cup of milk. I felt my mission was successful at least partially. Then I reported this to grandfather.

    He just laughed over the matter. It was during this period again that I had the opportunity to observe at close quarters the sufferings of those who come under what is now fashionable for politicians to call "weaker sections". About the end of grandfather was generous enough to write off all the debts and spared me the ordeal of walking long distances to different villages to collect the money. Years later I discovered that the method given above had been elaborately discussed in Prasna Marga, some details pertaining to which I shall giving here.

    The number which should consist of any three digits is capable of being interpreted in a number of ways even covering medical Astrology. The nature of the defect or disease would be appropriate to the nature of the planet signified by the number. For answering questions of day-to-day importance, the hundredth, the tenth and the unit digits may be considered as representing the past, present and future.

    Multiply the root number by 45 and divide the product by 8. If the remainder is zero or an even number, only failure is to be anticipated. If the remainder is an odd. Again reduce the root number to a single digit and find out the planet presiding over it and. If the Sun presides over the number the object in view will be gained. If the question refers to politics, success will attend and honour will flow.

    The Moon mental peace, domestic happiness,, plenty of food and acquisition of desired object The Moon at the time of query should be powerful to give all these results in full measure. Mars accidents, injuries from fires and weapons, quarrels, head diseases and troubles from enemies. Prasna always refer to immediate future 1 day to 1 year and these results are to happen within this period. Mercury itches, skin eruptions and sores in the body, , lingering or intermittent fever, troubles from domestic animals such as dogs, cats, etc.

    Jupiter access to wealth, realisation of objects, blessings from preceptors and holy people and smooth sailing in all affairs. Venus- good sexual enjoyments, happiness with wife, good income and acquisition of money and' ornaments. Saturn colic pains, sorrow, misunderstandings, fear from spirits and hobgoblins, rheumatism and bad results in general. Rahu skin diseases of a virulent type, eye troubles, misunderstandings, fear from poison, snakes and reptiles.

    These methods have their own value and they cannot be brushed aside as of no avail. In fact whether in the matter of interpreting horoscopes or numbers, one must possess or cultivate the power of intuition. Otherwise the interpretation may not be quite correct. The village we lived in had a Mutt headed by a Lingayat religious head by name Nanje Wadiyar. In fact in , Nanje Wadiyar was put on the gadi, thanks to the efforts of grandfather in preventing a rival group from putting their own nominee on the Gadi.

    Nanje Wadiyar was a broad-minded person and tried to keep himself out of the group rivalries in the village. He showed no difference between Vaishnavite and Saivite customs and traditions though the Mutt itself belonged to the Veerasaiva community. In fact he got a temple erected for Anjaneya near the village precincts. I was much liked by the Swamiji. I used to spend some time with him every day in the Mutt premises.

    He was about 48 years of age and I was just The age disparity did not come in the way of our discussions on matters which interested me then ritual worship, mantra Sastra, etc. Although the head of a Mutt he was not much interested in die rituals and rites. R Ascdt. Rahu Sun Merc. Venus Rahu Sat Moon.

    One day casually he asked me to tell him whether his horoscope indicated spiritual progress and whether the mundane matter he was involved in administering the mutt, etc. I figured out thus : Venus, Yogakaraka, is neechabhanga in the 9th and is not afflicted. The 10th or Karmasthana is occupied by the Sun and Mercury. There is a Parivartana inter change between lords of the 9th and 10th resulting in Dharma Kannadhipa Yoga.

    This is highly auspicious for spiritual progress. Rahu in the 12th. So I concluded that he would progress spiritually. Before giving my finding to the Swamiji, I wanted to have the matter cleared by grandfather. If my memory does not lie, his analysis went more or less on the following lines : The Karaka of the mind is joined by Saturn in a watery and benefic sign. Saturn is a planet of suffering and has exchanged place with Jupiter. The Saturn-Moon syndrome suggests the tendency of the mind towards gloom, caution, acquisitiveness, restlessness and misgivings.

    The mental condition could improve with age making him more contemplative, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious subjects. The Moon in the 3rd gives an inquisitive mind, many journeys, and a desire for new surroundings. This is an unfavourable position for peace of mind.

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    But Jupiter in the 2nd favours success and prosperity in mundane matters. But what about the MoonSaturn conjunction? This gives earnestness and caution, capacity for hard work, unlocked for obstacles, delays,. One with such a combination meets with persecution, slander, difficulties and sorrows through parents and property and even sorrow through death of mother. The strong disposition of Venus in the 9th aspected by the Moon and Saturn gives a tendency for indulgence in pleasures, carelessness in habits and manners and worries and difficulties in matters connected with money and property.

    Lakshman Das Madan, one of India's leading astrologers and editor of the bestselling 'Babaji' magazine, offers detailed predictions ranging from domestic political tips on ministerial resignations to the wedding dates for top cricket stars. He remains hugely popular despite several errors. In , he predicted the Hindu nationalist opposition BJP and its allies would win the election. In fact it lost spectacularly to its Congress rivals.

    India goes bananas for hour astrology. New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for The best way to transfer money overseas. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 09 October Astrology is a science, court rules Astrology, the study of interplanetary alignments as the explanation for everything, is a credible science, an Indian court has ruled.