February 12 lunar eclipse 2020 astrology

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism. When in retrograde, expect some bumps on your spiritual highway. You might find yourself questioning your belief systems or reconsidering what it means to be part of the universe. This is a time of questions and finding new paths that might hold the answers. Whereas some planetary retrogrades can make life difficult looking at you, Mercury , Jupiter retrograde is a good time to reach out and see what you can learn from your community.

Social butterfly Gemini kicks off its season with a flurry of energy and activity. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini season encourages communication and connection. This season is a lot like a good cocktail hour: busy, buzzy, and even a bit flirtatious. Avoid getting caught up in idle gossip, however. Good communicators know when to pull back. Gemini season always brings a fresh sense of vitality with its focus on socializing, culture, and communication. Think about ways to bond with your closest friends over the next month, and ways in which you can share knowledge to empower yourself and others.

The new moon is also a good time to set an intention to communicate mindfully and with respect.

Summer has a way of inspiring a sense of wanderlust, and this full moon in adventurous Sagittarius is bringing that big time. If you need to stay close to home, this full moon also encourages you to find the hidden gems in your own backyard. Mercury returns to retrograde in June, this time in the water sign of Cancer. The summer solstice: longest day of the year. The summer solstice is a day when feminine and masculine energies are perfectly balanced, which gives us access to the full spectrum of our power.

During Cancer season, we decompress from the whirlwind of the last month by retreating to our personal shelter. Cancer is the most nurturing sign in the zodiac—connected with family and home life. Emotions can run high when this water sign is in control, so be prepared to shed some tears and ride the waves of feelings.

Over the next month, we prioritize how to protect ourselves and what we need to feel secure. Paired with the energy from the summer solstice and a solar eclipse, this new moon in watery Cancer, no less is a lot to take on. Your time will be better spent reflecting and journaling.

Go with the flow. As the planet of dreams and intuition, Neptune controls our psychic selves. During retrograde, it can feel like a fog hovers over everything, making it difficult to determine truth from fiction. Avoid acting hastily, and make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Eclipses can be erratic, but they get the job done. After all the intense energy that comes with emotional Cancer and unpredictable eclipses, this new moon in Cancer is a time to settle into the feels. This is the season of the superstar! The sun is at home in Leo, which it rules.

Leo season is about the self, ego, and learning to take main stage in our lives. Self-expression is key here. During this season, you might want to think about assuming a leadership role and sharing your talents with others. There may be a sense of unrest, but we can harness that unconventional Aquarius energy to guide us to new solutions. Amazing things can happen when you open your mind! Uranus retrograde pushes us out of our comfort zones. Expect the unexpected! Artistic and career pursuits may change in significant ways, forcing us to adapt—hopefully for the better.

Uranus retrograde can feel chaotic especially for those who thrive by sticking to a plan , but ultimately it teaches us to question what we want. As the summer beings to wind down, Virgo season guides us into a place with a little more routine and structure. This is a good time to make concrete plans to accomplish your next goal. Appropriately, Virgo season corresponds with back-to-school time. No matter how far out of school you are, this is the perfect opportunity to get organized and reset. Routines, especially those related to health and wellness, come back into play.

Setting up your goals for the rest of the year will prepare you for success.

Solar eclipse of June 21, - Wikipedia

Analytical Virgo and mystical Pisces may seem like an unlikely duo, but they actually make a great pair as opposites on the zodiac wheel, they are natural compliments to each other. During this lunation, your goals seems a little more magical and inspired, and even your wildest dreams seem to have a roadmap. Embrace this powerful balance to stoke both your ambition and your creativity. Most of the eastern hemisphere will add hours to the time shown in the table.

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Current time is:. Close It. Keep your cool. Big fire coming on through. March 7 th : Big changes occur as Uranus re-enters earth-based Taurus on March 7 th and stays there for the next seven years. Earth changes and capricious financial markets are par for the course during the next seven years. Store water, grow your own food and see if you can diversify your income. Financial markets shift dramatically over this period and currency may change or alter.

What to do about that IRA? Dave Ramsey, please weigh in. November 11 th : Excitement! Drum roll please as little Mercury crosses the face of the Sun on November 11 th. The power of the pen and the Press are restored! The importance of the well-thought out turn of phrase is magnified.

Total (Solar) Eclipse of the Heart: Cancer’s New Moon Comes With Some Contradictions

News about an authority. Decorum and dignity. Difficulty and disappointment with Government. Action and commitment are required. Sort through your possibilities and get real about your circumstances. No pie in the sky! Great day for challenging the outdoors and downloading new ideas. Let your ideas and plans percolate. Possibilities abound. Think positively. This is an important precursor to the next two years. A new leader emerges. Use this energy personally by being the accountant and manager of your own life.

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Trim down excesses at this practical New Moon. Be brave. Initiate some kind of change. Fallout from the eclipse lingers as the Moon connects with Pluto.

Fear not! Lift up your hearts and rejoice. Let inspiration guide you as the Moon connects with Neptune on the 10th. A poem waits to be written. Time to face those shadows as the Sun meets Pluto. Bold but tender is the way to go. Family time is important. Is it fact or fantasy? Maybe, maybe not.