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Staying in a traditional ger and living the nomadic lifestyle is about as restlessly Sagittarian a travel goal as we can imagine. As the most ambitious, driven and hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns deserve a holiday more than any other. You desire to go somewhere important, to learn all of the things you can about the world and to remain efficient in the going. But when work clocks off here, there are all-night markets to eat your way through, temples to lose yourself in and beaches to linger on.

Taking a pilgrimage, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain , will give you that sense of accomplishment, and may also encourage you to explore your spirituality and follow your heart — something you can always use a little more of in your life. You root for underdogs and you value freedom, counterculture and, frankly, a little bit of the weird in life. You also love getting off the beaten track read: non-conformist , so you could also head to Kyrgyzstan , where you can lose yourself in the remote Tian Shan mountains and avail of the strong network of community-based tourism organisations to arrange homestays and excursions like walnut-picking and horse riding, ensuring your money is flowing into the local economy for the greater good.

Dreamy Pisces, you rarely come down to earth and may not even be from this planet, but you are the healer and the lover of the zodiac. You need downtime, gentle air and somewhere free of crowds. Short of sending you into outer space where your mind mainly seems to stray anyway , we suggest you ascend to the roof of the world. Tibet is vast, exceptionally beautiful, brimming with spirituality and quiet — all things you value in life and travel. Alternative getaway: With your highly intuitive even psychic nature, you gravitate towards the supernatural. On the Pampa Colorada in Peru are a series of strange and unexplained ancient geoglyphs: the Nazca Lines.

These giant images of animals and insects are only visible from high above. Who made these glyphs and why?

Virgo Love Chart

Was it aliens or an ancient fertility cult? Featured Article.

Megan Eaves. Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign. Adventurous Aries? Voyaging Virgo? Globetrotting Gemini? Whether you find western astrology to be just a bit of fun or something more serious, it can be amusing to see what the planets say about your personality. It can take some partners a while to get used to the all-seeing Virgo eyes.

Very little gets by the Virgo, and when they recognize a problem they will always be present with support and a helpful solution. If you are the Virgo in a relationship just be careful about the way in which you present information. The little things you recognize so naturally a lot of people completely miss. Thankfully when that happens most of your partners are quick to forgive simply because you have never been about the drama.

You want a well-grounded relationship based on reality — something healthy, logical and with just enough romance to keep it interesting.

Libra Parent — Virgo Child

As a Virgo you are slow to love. Everything is one step at a time. Control and comprehension matter in your exchanges. That means you may express your love differently than that to which your partner is accustom. Remain attentive and aware and let passion express itself without being pushed. So doing helps you find a lover who gives as good as he or she gets. This ties at least partially to your uncertain self-esteem, always expecting more from yourself than anyone else. One of the wonderful parts of the Virgo nature is their honesty about sex. They will not put on airs in the bedroom.

Flirting opens the door to foreplay. Foreplay leads to slow, attentive intercourse. This is a lover who likes someone smart, humorous, prompt and savvy. Many times Virgo prefers their mate making the first move, but no matter who starts things they will be sure to pay close attention to anything that gets a positive response. For them it truly is about pleasuring you.

As a Virgo you have probably had your fair share of wounds from previous relationships. Additionally you probably see sex as something secondary or tertiary to a good relationship. The beauty that our Sun star gives us. Therefore, Leo is also joy. Funny, playful and loving creatures. The Sun rules Leo. Like the big feline animal, that likes to play in the sun, to have fun, to have joy and produce joy in others. Leo cares for others, Leo is generous and noble. Leo likes enjoying with other people, playing and having good time.

These persons know their hearts. Leo rules the heart. And the Sun, our life giving star, rules Leo. Therefore, they are carriers of the fire of life within. Their heart and their will. They know what they are worth and what they can do.

So then, Leo is also confident and very proud. This is a word usually associated with Leos and lions. Lions are exuberant and magical super creatures, misunderstood in society. Lions radiate a strong life power, a deal of energy comparable with the strength from the Sun. These animals are dignified and proud. The rest of the animal kingdom knows it. Of course, we as animals, have the potential to degrade qualities. Leo in extremes, can indeed become very proud, and reach the level of egocentrism.

This is the other side of Leo: extreme individualism, self-absorption, egocentrism and pomposity. Leo is also associated with kids. The bountiful playful kid, but who can also be very sensitive to approval from other people. A properly integrated Leo energy, will create an individual that possesses a radiant life spark, self-confidence, and strength.

This person will also be owner of a strong creative power that he or she has successfully identified, mastered and expressed it. Usually these people will be attracted to all sort of forms, colours, elements or words. They will have a peculiar presence that comes from their solid identity. They will have endurance to create and obtain what they deserve. And last but not least, they will have a very warm, joyful personality that relives everything and everyone around, these are sunny people. However, when the Leo energy has not been successfully dealt with, or the person possesses other stronger qualities in their personality, the Leo energy can be degraded.

An individual that has not sensed his or her inner creative fire and has let been dragged down in the society chaos jungle of standards, common ideologies, mainstream and restrictions. Let us remember that humans are the only species on Earth that destroy life by reason thinking through abuse. Through misunderstanding the environment and nature. Humans destroy animals, big mammals like us, felines, big felines, and humans themselves. The social world has brought order, but has also destroyed the divine fire in so much people.

In addition, individuals with a weakened Leo can have such a small inner fire, that their will and confidence is just the same as their inner fire: down, low, weak. Once the person has been out and showed what they have to give to the world from their pure heart, there comes another facet: judgement. Judgement itself is the observation of something and the final opinion whether this something needs mastery, change or improvement in order to attain perfect harmony. Right results. Correct outcomes. Like its symbol, the virgin. In Virgo, this takes the form of work , because only through constant work, we can get the perfect results.

Only through service , we do the right thing for the community. This is Virgo. Analytical, critical, sharp and hard working. Virgo uses his mind Mercury also rules Virgo in order to analyse through critical thinking, what are the resources Earth available and how can we exploit them in order to attain perfection.

The right thing for the community.

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These guys are extremely clever, and their mind is blow-minding. Because of their need to do the right thing, they are strong workers, devoted to their work or passion, loyal to their devotion and incredibly inventive. They also will always be there to support their loved ones or anyone , because they find ease on serving and helping other people.

Virgo is mutable earth. The change from the warm colourful sunny days into the gray beautiful skies of autumn. We can see it in the fashion trends palette: summer is vibrant, autumn is usually darker and opaque colour shades. Virgo is the mutation. Their mind mutates, because it is constantly thinking, analyzing and working on which is the correct way to attain the perfect results.

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  8. It can be very hard for Virgo to make a quick strong decision because they think all the possibilities that can affect the outcome! This of course, does not only manifest through work, but also in their personal and relationship lives. Virgo, can be so critical towards their partners, friends and colleagues.

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    Their criticism takes the form of the other person not meeting the attributes that Virgo thinks are correct or good. In some cases, it can lead to problems with relationships and at the workplace. But this is not the worst extreme. The strongest negative facet of Virgo, is towards himself. One of the most negative things you can do to your own self is being too harsh on you. And this is the downside of Virgo: being extremely auto-critical.

    They can push themselves so much in order to get the perfect harmony. They can over-analyse their actions, their results, and become obsessive with the fact that it is not good enough! This of course, can lead to a complex of not being worthy, and constantly pushing themselves, exploiting themselves in order to reach that perfect harmony they are looking for.

    Then, Virgo is related to health and physical appearance. Of course, it is important and good to be physically healthy and to look physically good. And this is good. They take good care of what they eat, they do exercise to attain physical strength and attractiveness. A proper used Virgoan energy, will lead to an exceptional individual, that uses his mind analytical skills in order to discern what is the best way to exploit the resources we have, and to produce the best results. An individual that is devoted to provide, to serve and to work. People that have a sense of help and kindness with others.

    An individual with morals, with ideals of what is correct, and an open to accept and analyse other inputs.

    Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

    These people will also be concerned with their health, trying to keep illness away, and have a good looking appearance. In the end, they have good and pure desires to serve and help life on Earth, thinking always on making this world a better place. That is beautiful. A person whose mind is totally restless, exhausted and that is constantly working on thousands of ideas and probabilities. A person that denigrates itself as not being good enough most of the times unconsciously. And then commits self-punishment through psychological soft or strong ways, depression, anxiety or abstaining from goods.

    The scales. Why the scales?