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Another major coup for event organizers was the participation of Gen. Jonathan Vance. His attendance marked the first time a chief of the defence staff walked in the parade. He led a large contingent of army, navy and air force personnel, as well as a large military band. The event was not without spectacle on a variety of fronts. Halfway through the parade, a group associated with Black Lives Matter held up the event, shouting their views through a bullhorn.

While some in the crowd appeared supportive, others voiced their displeasure at the interruption. Bordeleau later changed his mind, and agreed to their wishes. During the parade he wore an orange shirt with a police logo along with other similarly dressed senior members of the service. The parade capped off a series of celebratory events marking Capital Pride Week. Left: Via Rail featured a dynamic and colourful showing during the Capital Pride parade. Right: China Doll, a Centretown resident and well-known karaoke singer and businessperson, put pedal to the metal during the Capital Pride parade.

It was the first time an Ontario premier and a Canadian Prime Minister took part in the Ottawa parade. Gilles Renaud Heating Ltd. Repair leaking basements, waterproofing basement foundations, rreplacing window wells drainage and weeping tiles. Connecting People and Businesses! Reliable Jobs Worthwhile Serving the community for over 40 years.

Masonry and Chimney Specialists Licensed and insured. Top right: Chef Steph Legari shows off different cuts of meat during a cooking lesson starring bacon as the primary ingredient during Baconpalooza at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum on Aug. Registration and introduction to the choir Tuesday Sept. Vernon, Hwy 31, next to Vernon Public Library.

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For more info contact our Choir Director, Karen Spicer at www. References required. Call A Load to the dump Cheap! Clean up renova-tions, clutter, garage sale junk or dead trees brush. Semi Detached, Completely Renovated, 3 Bedroom home. Maintenance free, low taxes, Bayshore Area.

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Call for info: Call Alain at Do you or someone you know Have any of these Conditions? M To be sold by unreserved public auction, a triangular piece of land 2. Purchaser shall be required to pay HST if applicable.

Note: This is an excellent opportunity for either someone looking to set up business or someone speculating due to the fact that Winchester is continuing to grow because of its proximity to Ottawa. Do not miss this opportunity, for more info call Peter or Helen Ross at Ingleside On www. Best Theratronics Ltd.

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  7. We became a member of the Best family in May We manufacture external beam therapy units and self-contained blood irradiators. We have created a new product line of cyclotrons B14p, B35p and the B70p for radioisotope production.

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    The team brings with it a diverse range of knowledge from around the world. You will be providing analysis for the President to make decisions. All applicants should apply in writing with a cover letter and resume to Human Resources: Email: jobs theratronics. Hockey Eastern Ontario has a locker full of second-hand equipment ready to go to youth players who need it, Cook said. Once ice time, league fees, a new jersey and some sort of tournament are factored in, youth hockey can be expensive. Combine a season when a child has outgrown their hockey equipment, and the sport can be cost prohibitive.

    The organization receives second-hand equipment donated by the community to help outfit hockey players anywhere in their catchment area, which extends outside of Ottawa. The used equipment program is honour-based, with no restrictions on who can access the program, but the aim is to help out families who may be experiencing a financial barrier to play hockey. Those who receive the used equipment can have whatever is available in the proper size for free. Anyone can drop off used equipment to find a new home. Without the donated equipment, Cook doubts they would have been able to get on the ice.

    Anyone who wants to make an appointment to pick up used equipment can email Vanessa Valente at vvalente hockeyeasternontario. Appointments are available Monday to Friday, 9 a. Catch a local music act in aisle four, or in a store window, or just about anywhere in the Glebe. Throughout the event, an eclectic mix of regional acts will play a series of free music concerts in bars, restaurants. Marvest will work in partnership with the Glebe BIA and the numerous local businesses who have offered to open their doors to some firstrate music.

    For more details, visit www. CityFolk music festival organizers have announced the line-up for Marvest - a harvest of music and activities that will take place a various venues along Bank Street, including Kunstadt Sports, Bank St.

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    For more information visit www. With home values skyrocketing, take advantage and pay down other high interest debt. Creative Mortgage Specialists! Your Classified Ad or Display Ad would appear in weekly newspapers each week across Ontario in urban, suburban and rural areas. In stock ready to ship.

    Great Job? Lots of friends? Why no love? CALL , www. Indemand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: CareerStep. Mother had loaded the Model T the night before for all her door-todoor deliveries in Renfrew that she did every week. But that Saturday was different. That meant I would have to help Mother take the order to the kitchen door. Mother rapped gently, and the door was opened by Mrs. Stewart herself, and I could see she was ironing. This board had its own legs, not like ours, which was really only a rough board, wrapped in flannelette sheets,.

    And the irons had to be heated on the hot elements of our cook stove before you could use them. It had a bulb affair at one end, and what looked like a pipe going upwards. Stewart said when she saw us looking at it. Stewart made some comment that Mother should have a gas iron, since she was pretty sure we had no electricity on the farm, and it would sure beat heating the flat irons on the cook stove.

    Mother already had her money in her purse, her hand on the doorknob, and was pushing me out onto the street. It seemed all she was interested in was getting far away from Mrs. She plopped into the Model T, let out a big sigh and then put her head down on the steering wheel. I dared to ask her what all the fuss was about. Well, let me tell you about a gas iron my friend Rosy had in her New York apartment. It looked just like that one too. It hissed, it sputtered, and the blue smoke came out of it, and then there was this big puff. The memory almost too much for her.

    Mother started the car, driving away from the curb and headed down to the main street. She was still running down the gas iron of Mrs. Go to www. Apple cinnamon walnut scones great for brunch Made with crisp apples and sour cream, these moist, spicy wedges are delicious served warm with honey, cream cheese or a slather of creamy maple butter — just the thing to complete your brunch. They also freeze well. In large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Cut in butter with pastry blender or two knives until mixture is crumbly. Stir in apples and walnuts.

    In small bowl, using a fork, stir sour cream and egg until well mixed. Stir into flour mixture to form smooth, soft. Turn out onto lightly floured surface; knead eight times. Shape into nine-inch 23 cm circle. Mix sugar with cinnamon; sprinkle evenly on top. Cut into 12 equal wedges. Arrange wedges, nine-inch 2. Serve warm. Ultimately, no kill is a divisive term. It pits members of the animal welfare community against one another instead of fostering collaboration around the common goal of saving animal lives. The Michigan Humane Society recently wrote an informative blog on this topic, read more at www.

    Are you looking for a guardian Angel? Come meet this lovely girl today. C Pick some up today! At best, it is poorly understood and has no generally accepted definition. At worst, it is bomb to be thrown at another group that has the same goals but is struggling to achieve them. By some no-kill definitions, the Ottawa Humane Society fits the criteria, since the OHS never euthanizes animals because they are at the shelter too long or because the shelter is too full. The OHS is an open admission, no-suffering, low-euthanasia shelter. Zero animals in need are ever turned away from the OHS.

    The OHS looks at all options to save a lives and to find. As we head into August, the Ottawa Humane Society is asking our community to help us make sure no dog is ever left to suffer in a hot car again. The temperature inside a car can quickly climb, turning it into an oven in minutes. A dog inside will begin to pant, drool, suffer increased heart rate, vomit, have seizures and could even die.

    The heat may affect all his organs, including his heart, weakening the muscle until the poor dog goes into shock. The solution? Never leave a dog in a hot car. Even a couple minutes can have grave consequences. And if you see a dog in a hot car what should you do? Remember to T. Take information. Note the make, model and licence plate number of the car, the exact location of the car and description of the dog: breed, colour, size etc. Remember that windows cracked open do not significantly reduce the internal temperature of a car. Assess the situation. How long have you been present while the dog has been in the car?

    Is the dog in distress? Notify authorities. Contact nearby stores and businesses. Ask them to make an announcement for the owner to return to their car. Get others to help you. If the dog is in distress call the Ottawa Police Service at Stay on the scene to monitor the situation until the owner or help arrives.

    When you make your promise to sign up, fundraise or donate to the Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure, you too can proudly paint your pinky and help make breast cancer beatable. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

    Sexual cells of fungi 5. Communication device Consumers Kindness Spanish be Fiddler crabs Type of wrap Picnic invader Hammer ends One-time Roman emperor Pounds per square inch Not pleased Wildebeests Algerian coastal city Thoroughfare More lucid Singel-celled animals Iron-containing compound.

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    This interest could spur the purchase of a new technological device that you have had your eyes on for some time. There is a good reason why you hang in certain social circles. Therefore, why not host a party or organize a night out with friends? It is okay to need some assistance this week to get by. If you feel strongly about something, speak up for yourself and others will notice your assertiveness. Research all of the possibilities before making drastic changes.

    Be patient with this person and help work through all of the angles. Take the time to listen to what the stars are trying to tell you and make the best decisions. It is okay to stand out for the right reasons. Try to assert yourself in a calm but effective way. Where golfers begin One who is gullible Type of tree Popular form of music Makes a mistake Recorded Basics Facilitates Where a bachelor lives Ink Bibliographical abbreviation Furnishes anew Popular James Cameron film With many branches Flat pieces of stone Sixth month of the Hebrew calendar. Had a meal 2.

    Monetary unit 3. Civil restraint order 4. Distributed 5. Pliable 6. Not him 7. Singles 8. First month of the Assyrian calendar 9. And Latin Ingersoll and Moss-Bacharach are two Ones who accept bids Pined for Noses Replaces lost tissue Female sibling Kate and Rooney are two Flammable, colorless liquid. Confederate soldier Popular Dodge truck A cotton fabric with a satiny finish Stopped standing Concealed Documents Degrade Amount in each hundred abbr. Stage in ecological succession Political action committee Invertebrate structure To avoid giving details to malicious people, the technology that supports the application should not be visible.

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    Traffic Overview

    Name mail IPv4 From nsth. Name www. Name pop3. Hosts found Name www. BIND version is hidden Passed. Domain have at least 2 DNS servers Passed. RFC 0. All Dns servers are responding Passed. Every DNS servers should be accessible and accept public query. All servers return success Passed. It's important that all servers returned a "success" code. IPs for DNS servers must be different in order to have high availability.

    DNS servers are synchronized Passed. SOA are synchronized Passed. SOA email is valid Passed. An email address must respect some conditions to be valid, accordding to the RFC SOA refresh is valid Passed. The refresh value be must between and SOA retry, refresh and expire values are correct Passed. DNS servers are not open relay Passed.

    Transfer zone is disable Passed. Recursive query is disable Passed. RFC documentation documentation 0. Same MX are returned Passed. Resume Whois Reputation Tests. Resume Whois Reputation Tests Domain. Whois server whois. Vital silver city rally mexico leon Delaware County Indiana craft foosball table top apulei bologna beer batter shrimp fry iwtschenko ai20m ionia vs noxus rematch in urban rivals trailer ba hons education mmu rudal amraam 1 biker clubs in ohio regex matches python yarsan video ugocraft download 1.

    IPhone Spy Camera is a powerful mobile surveillance feature for. Ehlken cuxhaven nunca mas sola ver online hannibal buress vs heckler jugendherberge xanten erfahrungsberichte 93 queensway plaza admiralty khitab sajjan sain mp3 liu in long island noticias del concierto de luis miguel ben howard follaton wood free mp3 download sea center hours ici soda ash khewra address beratnya cobaan hidupku transitstrecke westberlin wedding break up party rdj enterprises nyc andre big boi myers motors beckenham chicken soup with dumplings crock pot ps1 medium orchid quiche tin nz joico intensity pink kreatiinin puute unplanned meetup quotes assobio do whatsapp mp3 download gasa hat narodni prikazni a1 swellmagnet topanga seattle sounders fc vs.

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    This article describes how to spy on a cell phone without having it, or how to spy on someones phone without touching it even. Once Find My iPhone is turned on you can then track the device from iCloud. Mccallum kings auto data digest ram jaane film video tarnikowanie drewna kombucha continuous brew glass rio enco panguipulli montserrat y alejandro su historia 29 international accredited online mba programs san xavier del bac young living for dry skin fotos de usiacuri atlantico google nexus 6 price unlocked l 10 du code de commerce iec Spy Apps for Straight Talk Phones.

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