Blue moon january 16 2020 astrological significance

Stephen King, who has brought the occult into the mainstream. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, iconoclastic, controversial guru. Jeddu Krishnamurti, anti-guru guru. Werner Erhard, founder of est training. Albert Einstein bears mentioning here too, given the way Relativity has re-shaped our collective view of reality itself. Zany Characters Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

Jesse Ventura, the say-anything former pro wrestler turned governor of Minnesota. Akbar The Great, Turkish-Persian mogul with wives. Yoko Ono, artist and provocative wife of John Lennon. Literally, Out of this World Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. Edgar Mitchell who visited the Moon, and later took up psychic research.

Again, Amelia Earhart who disappeared from this world while trying to fly around it in Naturally, one must weave an Out-of-Bounds Moon into the warp and weft of the larger astrological framework. But thinking of the Moon simply in terms of conventional sign, house and aspects actually leaves out quite a number of potentially potent modifying factors, many of which I cover in the book from which this article is extracted.

Here I am just focusing on one of them. The Moon can go Out of Bounds by secondary progression, with extraordinary effect. If we reflect for a moment on how secondary progressions are calculated, however, we soon realize that there are many people who will never experience this situation. The idea is simple: to know where your planets are by secondary progression on your thirtieth birthday, you count exactly thirty days forward in the ephemeris.

Those planetary positions are your secondary progressions. Days become years, in other words. It follows that the transits of the first three months or so of infancy are the secondary progressions for the rest of your life. If you were born in January , you would have to reach the ripe old age of about eighteen hundred years before your Moon ever progressed Out of Bounds!

His Moon will not progress Out of Bounds in his lifetime. The same goes for the famously unflappable Barack Obama, born in Like Bono, he is immune to the Out of Bounds condition. But Kurt Cobain, born just six years later tells a different story. Four months later, locked in his expensive home, drugged, alienated, and in hiding, Cobain committed suicide with a shotgun. As I write these words, the country is horribly captivated by the nightmare mass murder which occurred on November 5, at Fort Hood, Texas. Military psychiatrist Maj.

Nidal Malik Hasan killed thirteen people and wounded twenty-eight others in an insane explosion of frustration over the possibility of being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. The only birth data I have on him is that he was born September 8, in Arlington, Virginia. It did so in May , just six months earlier. With progressions, instead of a fundamental, relatively stable condition of the psyche, we see a more transitory one.

By the way, with both Cobain and Hasan, their natal Moons were also Out of Bounds, and the interaction between the innate natal condition and the progression which exaggerates it is of course acute. Arnold Schwarzeneggar was elected governor of California on October His Moon had progressed Out of Bounds in Spring and remained in that condition until late In an earlier experience of a prgressed Out of Bounds Moon, starting in Spring , Schwarzeneggar would literally break into a closed gym on the weekends so he could train as a bodybuilder.

In , Martin Luther published his famous Ninety-Five Theses disputing the Church doctrine that the forgiveness of sins could be purchased for money. The nailing of these theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg is often seen as the critical moment of ignition in the Protestant Reformation. Fourteen years later, his Moon again progressed Out of Bounds.

Finally, with his progressed Moon Out of Bounds again between late and late , Einstein espoused unpopular socialist beliefs and campaigned against nuclear proliferation. We modern astrologers have been bombarded by an avalanche of new techniques. Life is too short to learn them all, let alone to use them in any practical context of astrological counsel with the clock ticking and another client due in an hour. All of us must pick and choose among these riches.

I hope I have made the case to you that the Out of Bounds Moon, while often overlooked, is a major piece of the astrological puzzle. Kt Boehrer, Declination the Other Dimension. I have never seen this book, nor been able to locate further information about it. You can find a memorial to Boehrer here. I would often stay in her home when speaking to the Boston chapter of the NCGR, enjoying delightful and provocative astrological negotiations into the wee hours.

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How Rare Is a Blue Moon?

Log in Create account. Blog Menu. Here is the second one. I suspect that a hundred years from now we all will, for reasons I am about to demonstrate. Let the metaphors free-associate. The words stir the blood. But we need to let them stir the mind as well. You really have to calculate it, is the bottom line. Voluntarily, they exile themselves from success as it would be defined at the tribal level. Far more often they are more normal people who simply display unique talents and quirkish interests. I believe that historical geniuses tend more than average to have Out of Bounds Moons, but it is also significant to note that many recognized geniuses do not have it.

A soul born into the ghetto and a soul born into the Country Club would naturally be expected to go down different roads in life.

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Yet with the Out of Bounds Moon, we often see a pattern of escaping these constraints of social training and expectation. Those who simply follow their own path in accord with natural law might sometimes be accused of such deviations. Jesus was duly tried and convicted, for example.

All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them

And then there are situations of crimes alleged but not proven, where the truth remains murky. Out of Bounds Moon people are often implicated in all of these kinds of circumstances. We might not be brave enough to follow in their footsteps, but part of us goes there vicariously and experiences an emotional lift. Out of Bounds Moon people often fit this description. The Out of Bounds Moon is often present in thinkers and spiritual teachers who stand outside that framework. They may illuminate us, or offend us, or simply encourage us to ask paradigm-challenging questions.

They may seem edgy and dangerous, or entertaining, or delightful, or funny, or just weird. In whatever style or fashion these eccentrics may go about stretching the limits of the expected, there is an elevated tendency to find the Out of Bounds Moon in their natal charts. Working with information, you can see that during this period we often get false messages.

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  7. Either this information in the future does not come in handy. Suggestions that seem so tempting, with time, are not necessary, or contain deception. A "beautiful" idea - in fact, is trivial or meaningless. During the period of the idle moon, there are frequent delays in meetings, on trains and planes, confusion and confusion arise with documents, tickets. It is not necessary at this time to start important business, marry, buy houses and apartments, file documents somewhere if you do not need them to get lost or the examination is braked.

    Be attentive to any calculations. City New York.

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    The Super Moon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a full moon or a new moon coincides with a perigee. This phenomenon, when in one month two full moons are observed, such an event does not occur every year. The problem comes when we occasionally get 13 Full Moons in the span of a year which happens about every years. With only 12 Moon designations, what to do with the 13th Moon? The Maine Farmers' Almanac claimed this caused the early Christian monks such distress when calculating their calendars that it is the reason why the number 13 became cursed as being unlucky.

    At some point this extra Moon became known as the Blue Moon, which was deemed to be the third Full Moon in a season that had an extra fourth Full Moon.

    Two Definitions

    But wait a minute—the third Full Moon? Why not the fourth, which would seem logical as the "extra" Moon in a season normally populated by three? For this we must go back to the Easter-related Christian holidays. The period of Lent, which begins precisely 46 days before Easter, must contain the Lenten Moon, which is considered to be the last Full Moon of the winter season, which ends at the vernal equinox. Ahhh, now we start to see the need to count the number of Moons per season! The last Moon of a season is sometimes special e.

    Full Moon in : Lunar Calendar, Significance and Influence on Zodiac Signs

    So, the "extra" position falls to the second or third Moon in a season that happens to contain four. Why the third is designated as the "extra" rather than the second remains a mystery—no one seems to know where the Maine Farmers' Almanac got their Blue Moon rule from. One website I found speculates that Full Moons were simply counted as the "first," "second" and "last" of a season, so that the extra Moon defaulted to the third. So: now all that's left to figure out is the beginning and end of the seasons, which is nice and straightforward—right?

    Seasons are defined by the solstices times of maximum and minimum daylight, in June and December and the equinoxes times of equal day and night, in March and September. These are also the days when the Sun moves into the Cardinal signs: Aries and Libra equinoxes and Cancer and Capricorn solstices. But anyone born near the cusp between two zodiac signs can tell you that the date when the Sun changes signs will vary slightly from year to year.

    The Sun actually reaches the vernal equinox position when it moves into Aries anywhere from the evening of March 19 to the early morning of March 22, depending on the year and which time zone you happen to be in. And then there's whether you calculate the equinox by the Sun's actual position or by averaging its position like the Maine Almanac did , or just using a fixed date like the Roman Catholic Church does.

    Just as time zones can complicate the date of Blue Moons rendered by the "monthly" method, your method of calculating the equinoxes and solstices can sometimes even change which season winds up saddled with the 13th Full Moon. And we won't even go into the Gregorian versus Julian calendar, resulting in different Easter dates between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches! Suffice it to say that the Roman Catholic Church decided in CE that the vernal equinox, for their purposes, was deemed to reside henceforth on March 21, rain or shine, regardless of what the Sun happened to be doing at the time.

    And does a Blue Moon have any astrological meaning? Nope, none that I've ever heard of. What would make more sense astrologically is to look at the significance of two Full Moons in the same sign , Again, see the table below for examples. When there are two consecutive Moons in the same sign, the second Full Moon will always be in the last couple of degrees in the sign. This alone is significant, since the last degree of any sign is a critical degree.

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    • When Is the Next Blue Moon?!

    When any planet is 29 degrees "and change" it is in a process of transition from one sign to the next. It is neither officially in the next sign, nor fully present in the one it's leaving. This can be a frustrating energy, full of anticipation and yearning to get on with it in the new sign, yet held back by unfinished business and the need to do closure in the old sign. It's a bit like walking and being in mid-stride — you haven't landed on your stepping foot yet, and your pushing-off foot is still in mid-push.

    You're moving, but you're in a kind of suspended motion in between steps. By the same token, the first of two Full Moons in the same sign will always be in the earliest couple of degrees in that sign.