Astrology of 14 december

Sun enters Scorpio

There's a desire to discover the magic in life and it can feel like a call to leave the ordinary or known behind. With Venus now in the sign of Scorpio, this call to other life and love experiences is deeply personal, but also potentially critical. You may sense something is needed on a deep level and later, when Venus enters Sagittarius, discover that you were wrong.

With Mercury in Sagittarius, the focus of conversations and learning is broad and wide. It's better to taper your thinking and emotions and reel them in rather than the other way around.

Chinese Calendar of December 12222

Mars in Pisces can give a sense that motivation is under siege. Aries, turn your attention to matters that use your mind in practical ways.

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Tapering your desire to roam when you feel the need to be free can help you to see how restrictions in love are positive barriers to progress and growth. Taurus, be confident.

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Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a gift of joy that's contagious. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Be the magnification of inner strength and self acceptance today.

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Gemini, your guardian angel is here to help guide you and ensure things go your way. Cancer, you're extraordinary. Leo, be an optimistic with an eye on reality. Instead of looking around at what needs to be changed, look for things to enjoy and find the good in.

Take time to express joy is a wonderful way to adopt to your new mindset. Information you need arrives this weekend.

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  6. Humor and compassion will be your strong suite as the real side of a friend shines through bright and clear. Libra, drop pretenses and be yourself.

    Healing with Crystals

    This could be an extremely passionate and emotional day — when we are charged, we may feel focussed on something — especially in terms of feeling, relationships and emotions. This will help make us feel positive and to focus our thoughts on the future and it will especially encourage us to open up our minds and hearts.

    Astrology is a cosmic guide on trends, patterns and impressions. In astrology, the Moon symbolises what you learn and think in the moment. The Moon's gravitational and emollient energy shapes aspects of every person. With each Moon's phase you can plant seeds and gain something valuable in return. Daily horoscope: The Moon symbolises what you learn and think in the moment Image: Getty. This aspect can increase our emotional connection with others. Also we may focus our attentions on others or to reconnecting or to expressing our feelings. Venus will also make a semi-sextile Jupiter, which is a very positive minor aspect.