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Intuitive and psychic abilities come from connecting the two so that information from the collective unconscious Neptune can be reported and applied Mercury back here on Earth. Here s what the combination of Mercury and Neptune in your birth chart suggests for enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities. It s passing them along to others that could be the challenge.

Your intuition is strong, extremely sharp in fact, so you re able to get information very quickly. But it s translating these images into coherent messages that can slow down the flow of information. The best way to develop your sixth sense is to let the images come as fast as they d like. Then, when they ve stopped, you can pause and translate them into terms that make earthly sense. Remember that your intuition is a gift to be shared with people, not just a tool for understanding your own life.

You Are "Across the Universe" You are spiritual, deep, and at peace. You try to keep life in perspective. You can t help but realize how small you are in the universe. You re just thankful you exist. You tend to be a stream of consciousness thinker. You just let your thoughts flow, even when they don t make sense initially. You trust your intuition to guide you.

You know that whatever is in your heart is right and true. Weaknesses: Conservative, greedy, indecisive, inflexible, jealous,lazy, materialistic, naive, overindulgent, possessive, procrastinating. Your sign is that of earthy Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, the sign characterized by endurance and sensuality. Taurus is also associated with material goods. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is your ruler, and makes you a very warm and faithful person.

For the most part, Margareta, you are even-tempered and show a great capacity for affection, as well as an appreciation for beauty and art. You are loyal and reliable. You keep your promises. As the first of the three earth signs, you are realistic, patient, and persistent. You are the most grounded sign of the zodiac, preferring to put down roots and aiming for stability. Comfort, even luxury, is very precious to you, Margareta.


And indeed, you rule the second house, the sector of the horoscope that encompasses money and possessions. This house describes your value systems, including the value of oneself. You are a fixed sign, Margareta, meaning you enjoy responsibility and taking charge. However, you are not a doer - you are a delegator! You are more passive than active, and prefer to have the world move around you while you sit still. Your Life-Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered and represents who you are at the time of birth. It indicates specific traits and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime.

It is the overall number that determines much of what will be important to you and how you will handle things as they come. Zodia Taur Semnul zodiacal al taurului incepe pe 20 Aprilie, iar in prima saptamana nu isi intra in drepturi, pana pe 27 aprilie. De la aceasta data este plin de energie pina pe 20 mai cand in ultima saptamana incepe sa-si piarda puterile fiind influentat de semnul Gemenilor. Taurul este zodia simtului practic si a bogatiei. Oamenii nascuti in zodia taurului au tendinta sa fie rabdatori, practici si dedicati semenilor.

Acest gen de oameni sunt de obicei atenti in relatiile cu ceilalti, viata si bani. Au o ciudata putere de ai dommina pe ceilalti chiar si cand nu se straduiesc sa o faca. Oamenii nascuti in acesta perioada sunt extremi de fideli, cu o mare nevoie de siguranta si rutina prestabilita. Desi sunt cu picioarele pe pamant, pot deasemenea sa fie romantici si sensibili cand vine vorba de dragoste.

Au o mare putere de toleranta, atat fizica si mentala si pot trece prin perioade foarte obositoare si stresante atata timp cat sunt entuziasmati si motivati. Sunt niste gazde minunate si se pricep la mancaruri, iar in aranjarea propriei locuinte pot face minuni din nimicuri. Acesti nativi sunt buni in pozitii de directori, au o intuitie dezvoltata in afaceri, in general lumea ii crede mai bogati decat sunt pentru ca arata tot timpul la 4 ace.

Sunt manati de propriile perceptii si de felul lor afectuos de a fi, care ii caracterizeaza mai mult decat pasiunea. Acesti nativi sunt blanzi si senzuali, apreciind lucrurile bune in viata. Taurul este motivat de nevoia de afectiune, fiind abil in afaceri si demn de incredere sa gestioneze pana la capat o situatie cu multa discretie. Taurii sunt incapatanati si foarte creativi. Luna este dominanta in zodia Taurului, conferind succes in relatiile cu oamenii iar combinatia cu Venus ii confera pasiune multa loialitate si fidelitate.

Sunt buni si generosi cu prietenii, cu care dezvolta relatii stranse. Daca iubesc cu adevarat sunt generosi in totalitate si niciun sacrificiu nu va fi prea mare pentru persoana iubita; daca are dusmani Taurul ii va infrunta cu multa determinare. Ei dau intotdeauna cartile pe fata pentru ca nu le plac pacalelile, compromisurile si inselatoriile.

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Nativii din aceasta zodie sunt foarte usor influentabili de anturaj si devind tristi si morocanosi cand sunt nevoiti sa traiasca in conditii de incompatibilitate cu ceilalti. Desemenea sunt usor inselati de propriile sentimente, senzatii si dorinte. De regula atat, femeile cat si barbatii din aceasta zodie sunt forte gelosi, si gelozia lor ii impinge la violenta sau iesiri necontrolate, pe care le regreta amarnic dupa ce le trece furia. Sunt foarte tacuti si puternici, dar de multe ori par sa ignore si sa se impotriveasca muzicii, poeziei si artelor. Cei nascuti in aceasta zodie au capacitatea sa fie niste prieteni foarte loiali.

Pot deveni vraci sau asistente medicale, si mai toti au tendinta de a iubi gradinaritul si florile. Taurul ca si animal este simbolul potrivit acestui nativ. Nativii din acest semn folosesc forta pentru a-si atinge scopurile. Stiu exact ce vor si muncesc din greu sa-si atinga scopurile. Le este greu sa empatizeze cu ceilalti Dar in general Taurul este un semn pozitiv, Oamenii nascuti in aceasta zodie sunt de obicei prietenosi, desi uneori pot si un pic plicticosi din cauza propriilor retineri si a reticentei.

SANATATE In privinta, sanatatii, desi inzestrati de la natura cu o constitutie frumoasa, sufera de tot ce inseamna afectiuni ale gatului, nas si plamani. Snake Overview Provided by Astrology. Your wisdom and patience are tools that prove successful in all aspects of your life. Relationships could be taken to new heights and deep and meaningful friendships are acquired. This year proves to be one of action, the year that all of your planning and waiting pay off for you.

The later months prove to be especially successful, tying a year of arduous work into an extremely blissful culmination. Colleagues will admire your input and your opinion will be well respected among business circles. Your work will take you to new levels in your career, as you may see a promotion or a position change that offers you a direction that is more suitable to your skills. March, April and May are strong months for a career change or an upswing in your current position. Be prepared for an outstanding year in your work and don t be surprised if everything you do results in success Snake Relationships The Snake s social life will bring a high amount of satisfaction to you this year, as will your family life.

Though you tend to be more of a loner, this year will provide occasions that may bring you out of your shell. You have always been a good listener and you will benefit from being more assertive in social situations. More to the point, you may be thrown into a position to be more assertive, rather than volunteering. Your quick thinking will prove to be most useful. Single Snakes may find the romantic relationship they seek, as romance is favored.

Snake Health The Snake will not suffer any more than minor health issues, but you may want to watch what you eat and make it a point to exercise more often, as these may be areas that you tend to neglect. Your busy work schedule and social endeavors may make it difficult to maintain a regular schedule of exercise, but you can find time here and there to do something active.

This will help your heart and may relive stress from a long work week.

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Snake Wealth The Snake will do well with your conservative approach to spending. You have always been disciplined in your finances and this year proves to be no different. If you maintain your frugal manner, you will find that you have accumulated enough by the end of the year to make a large purchase that you have been planning for a long time. If you are in doubt about a particular endeavor, don t hesitate to receive a second opinion before committing. If you are a typical Snake, you can be quite at home with tending your own wounds and being your own best friend.

That ability could be very useful during a year containing 10 unfavorable months. Neither the pace nor style of is likely to be conducive to your peace of mind. Fortunately Snake s natural element, Fire, has the ability to control Metal, this year s ruling element. This should allow you to receive your fair share of that famous Tiger luck. The key is to be very Snake-like. Lay low, wait for opportunities and strike quickly. Do not measure the year in the number of your successes. Rather, focus on one or two big wins. Pick your battles carefully and exit the scene at the first sign of trouble.

Tiger s influence is not likely to help things go your way career-wise in the short-term. Fortunately, you probably possess keen analytical ability and an uncanny sense of timing. There may be only a few moments of opportunity, but stay alert and be ready to take full advantage so you can make them count. In the meantime, direct your energies to areas in which you have the most expertise. It is advisable to to expand skill sets you perceive will become more valuable as your work environment evolves, as you can expect it to rapidly. Be diplomatic; you can t. Snake Relationships Personal relationships are now likely to be a greater source of comfort and support for Snakes than in a typical year.

You probably tend to be independent and usually trust your own judgment above all. However, giving added weight to the advice and wisdom of others in this Tiger year could prove extremely worthwhile. Relations with family and friends are likely to be smooth and joyful, and should be filled with many opportunities for happy gatherings of loved ones. If you have been lonely, or seeking a partner, taking the initiative is rewarded.

It is a favorable time for you to put yourself into new environments and introduce yourself in new social circles. You should be wellreceived, but you need to make the first move. Snake Health Rapid change and uncertainty can take its toll on Snake s nerves in It will be important for you to attend carefully to both your physical and mental health.

Not only is this essential to your well-being but also for you to function at the level required to meet the Tiger s challenges. You may feel pressure to abandon leisure activities you enjoy to meet many stressful demands, but this would be a mistake. In fact, you should enjoin friends to participate with you in activities that bring you balance, even if you are accustomed to doing them alone.

Companionship and camaraderie in your extracurricular pursuits will help you to stick to them and also bring you additional satisfaction. Snake Wealth Major expenses could present themselves this year, particularly related to dwellings or vehicles. The Snake is typically cautious and deliberate with finances, so if you stick to this approach, unexpected outflows of cash should not be disastrous.

The year of the Tiger is not a good time to engage in any uncertain investment schemes, and you should pay close attention to the details of any financial agreements into which you enter.

Horoscop săptămânal 1-7 aprilie 12222: Capricornii îşi controlează bine stările emoţionale

Be conservative and don t rely on luck or chance where money is concerned. Read the fine print and make sure you understand all the implications of commitments you make to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ii atrag misterele, lucrurile oculte. Dispun de vaste facultati mentale, au spirit de observatie si o intuitie deosebit de dezvoltata. Prefera sa lucreze singuri si duc la bun sfarsit ceea ce incep. Introvertiti, meditativi si uneori enigmatici, au totusi un caracter puternic si plin de curaj. This should allow you to receive your fair share of that famous. Tiger luck. Be diplomatic; you can t afford personal conflict on the job.

Your philosophy? Make it happen! While others might be more content working behind the scenes, a direct go-getter like you is more fulfilled by working on the front lines. Willing to. This can take the form in conversation but also in the arts. This can encompass painting, interior decorating, crafts, writing, music, drama, or all of the above.

You are an original and creative thinker, and tend to dominate your circles intellectually. With the elegance of a dancer, you swing back and forth from one idea to another, with wit and eloquence. You also have the power to visualize your ideas, and express them scientifically. Since you identify yourself with your ideas, Margareta, your most dynamic form of expression is intellectual. You are sprightly and versatile, and usually end up being the life of every party.

Mostly it is you, who gets up on the table and entertains everyone with an improvised one-man show. You feel most alive if you have an audience, are the center of attention, and get an immediate reaction to your mental and verbal output. Like the Snake that enchanted Eve, you know how to make more than one person lose their head! Refined, funny, and gifted in seduction, you shine in society with your intelligence and vivacious spirit. The snake is admired in China for his wisdom and you have a philosophy in life that is all your own.

Intuitive and lucid in all situations, you become reserved when conversing and are silent most of the time, preferring to let your thoughts make their way in silence rather than through chatter. However, if the subject is abstract, you don t hesitate expressing yourself while your audience looks up to you in admiration, seduced by your knowledge. A cold-blooded animal, you love intrigue and playfulness in life, but preserve large periods of time for idleness.

You have the capacity to realize your projects in a few hours while others would take days to complete them. When you start out, your efficiency is terrifying and all the more so as you often work alone and at your own rhythm. You are faster than the average person, as you slide over obstacles like a snake in the grass. With your venom, you willingly attack your enemies with acerbic comments, leaving them only when your thirst for revenge has been satisfied. It s better being your friend.

Despre acesta am putea spune ca este un numar "7" extrovertit, deci este tot un numar spiritual, dar cu o energie debordanta. Reprezentantii sai sunt altruisti, nobili, activi, entuziasti. Persoane deosebit de senzitive, clarvazatoare, intuitive, au o vitalitate accentuata, o inteligenta clara. Sunt tipul de oameni ce aduc noul, sunt progresisti, extravaganti, nonconformisti, revolutionari, caracterizati prin mare sete de cunoastere.

Poate multi dintre"zapacitii" care au facut inventii revolutionare sau curajosii care au schimbatistoria, au avut afinitate cu acest numar. Altruismul lor poate sa mearga pana la uitarea de sine. Acestea sunt caracteristice entitatilor care vor pune bazele epocii in care intram curand. Al noualea cor de ingeri prin care Dumnezeu trimite Ingerii pazitori. Ierarhiile spirituale - Ingerii - sunt regnul imediat superior noua ierarhic, sunt delimitati de sfera corespunzatoare Lunii.

Ei nu se potincarna ca oameni, dar influenteaza oamenii prin corpul eteric al acestora, corpul eteric reprezentand pentru ingeri corpul cel mai grosier, asa cum pentru noi corpul cel mai grosier este corpul fizic. Zodia Berbec Semnul zodiacal al Berbecului incepe pe 21 martie, dar timp de o saptamana nu isi va intra in drepturi pana pe 28 martie. De la aceasta data pana pe 20 aprilie, cand incepe din nou sa-si piarda puterile din cauza influentei Taurului, se va manifesta puternic. Oamenii nascuti in parioada asta a anului dispun de o vointa neobisnuita si o de o mare incapatanare in a-si atinge scopurile.

Sunt nascuti sa fie niste luptatori in toate sensurile cuvantului, au deasemenea o capacitatea de a fi buni organizatori. Se considera a fi coordonatorii unor proiecte importante sau se vad conducatorii unei importante afaceri, chiar si in organizarea si dezvoltarea unei tari. Par sa respinga nativ orice forma de critica si singura metoda prin care poti sa le inhibi aceasta manifestare este prin logica pura, ratiune si dovada.

Aceste gen de oameni sunt independenti in tot ceea ce fac. Este extrem de important pentru ei sa faca lucrurile asa cum vor ei, iar daca sufera interventii externe pierd din vedere scopul principal, dau inapoi si lasa pe altcineva sa le ia locul. De regula sunt nefericiti in ceea ce priveste viata familiala. Este foarte greu pentru acesti nativi sa cunoasca o persoana de sex opus care sa-i inteleaga si daca diferentele nu supara din acest punct de vedere o va face cu siguranta sosirea pe lume a copiilor.

Si totusi acesti nativi fie ei femeie, barbat, au o profunda nevoie de afectiune si intelegere, mai mult ca orice si in general asta este piatra lor de incercare, daca nu au norocul sa gaseasca pe cineva care sa le satisfaca dorintele. In ceea ce priveste sucesul si puterea, nu exista culmi pe care nativii acestei zodii sa nu le poata atinge.

Cu toate astea succesul. Au tendinta sa nu fie prevazatori fiind prin natura lor impulsivi in ganduri si in actiuni. Au tendinta sa-si atraga foarte usor dusmani, Sunt extrem de ambitiosi, de regula reusesc in viata sa castige bani si pozitie sociala. Partea negativa a acestor nativi este ca nu se vor da in laturi de la nimic pentru a-si atinge scopurile. Partea pozitiva este ca sunt buni profesori, deopotriva severi si disciplinati si mai mult sa mai putin maleabili in privinta asteptarilor pe care le au de la ceilalti.

Toti reprezentantii acestui semn au tendinta de a privi spre viitor poate pentru ca sunt nerabdatori ca lucrurile sa se intample. Au tendinta sa faca profetii, care de multe ori se indeplinesc. De regula, barbatii nascuti in acesta perioada a anului sufera mult din pricina sentimentelor lor; rareori inteleg femeile si comit multe greseli in relatiile cu acestea. Nativii Berbeci sunt cu adevarat fericiti cand sunt contopiti cu munca lor si reusesc sa treaca peste obstacole. Oamenii in general si mai ales nativii din acesta zodie trec prin viata, rareori, fara sa primeasca lovituri de la ea fie si din accidente sau manifestari violente.

Ii face pe acesti nativi sa aiba o viata activa, dandu-le constant rezerve de energie. Asta ii face nepasatori, rebeli, ambitiosi si competitivi. Locul acestui semn in horoscop: Primul, iar oamenii acestui semn vor sa fie primii in toate. Berbecul este un semn al increderiide sine. Simbolul berbecului, ca si animal care incerca sa se lupte cu ajutorul loviturii cu coarnele, si toata lumea care a avut de aface cu un asemenea nativ stie ca sunt la fel de directi si incapatanati ca si berbecii.

Ziua de 4. Sunt oameni cu principii, cu simt moral. Iubesc munca, dau dovada de metoda, disciplina si precizie. Foarte realisti, trebuie mai intai sa vada ca sa creada, vor situatii clare si construiesc doar pe teren verificat si solid. Sunt rezervati si mandri dar nu aroganti , insa au intelegere pentru ceilalti, carora le inspira incredere.

Chiar daca par mai reci, leaga relatii temeinice, sunt fideli si isi pretuiesc partenerul de viata. PRIETENI Isi vor gasi prieteni din randul celor nascuti intre 21 iulie si august , 21 noiembrie pana pe decembrie; si deasemenea 21 septembrie- octombrie. De obicei isi exploateaza prea tare creierul si au tendinta sa sufere de dureri de cap, probleme cu ochii si alte afectiuni ale capului. Sunt deasemena predispusi la rani in aceasta zona si de obicei se joaca cu focul.

Acesti nativi au nevoie in permanenta de asistenta medicala. Simbolul liceului era "o vidra" river rat. De fapt, din cite am remarcat in State, fiecare scoala sau liceu, dar si facultate, are un nume de animale, sau plante. La terminare, elevii s-au adunat cu parintii lor intr-o sala mare care in mod obisnuit e sala de sport , din Ipsilanty. Acolo, parintii, prietenii si alti sustinatori, erau in tribune, de 3 etaje, iar absolventii erau in sala mare, la parter.

Alphecca fixed star astrology

Acolo, erau asezate doua rinduri maride scaune, de o parte si alta a salii, cu un culoar in mijloc. In fata culoarului, era tribuna, cu mai multe scaune si fara mese, unde stateau dascalii si directorul liceului, dar si doua tribune mici, tot de o pare si alta a scenei, de unde urma sa se dea diplomele de absolvire, cu felicitarile si urarile dascalilor. Absolventii erau imbracati in robe lungi, verzi, incheiate la un singur nasture, pe piept. Pe cap, aveau un fel de palarie, tot verde, ca si roba, in 4 colturi, dar cu ciucure galben, care atirna intr-o parte. Nu trebuie sa se ambaleze, trebuie sa ia lucrurile pe rand.

Din punct de vedere al sanatatii, daca ar putea aduce marea la ei acasa ar fi perfect. Sunt nativii care greu se misca de acasa. Ceva mai tensionata va fi luna august cand trebuie sa gaseasca solutii si vor fi obligati sa isi ia o mini-vacanta. Atentie la durerile de gat. Din punct de vedere financiar nu stau rau, cu chibzuiala merg mai departe. La inceputul lui iulie vor deschide ceva pe cont propriu, ceea ce le va da aripi. Vor fi la fel de atenti si cu buzunarul lor.

Vara aceasta s-ar putea indragosti intr-adevar si sa nu fie crezuti. Din punct de vedere al sanatatii va fi o continua vacanta, chiar daca merg la serviciu. Nu se implica, au aceasta capacitate de a se detasa. Traiesc o perpetua vacanta. Trebuie sa decida unde vor pleca si sa ia trusa medicala cu ei. Atunci cand cred ca le merge bine, ar putea sa raceasca, sa faca o febra. Din punct de vedere financiar, vor avea stabilitate, in special pe comisioane. RAC Din punct de vedere afectiv, iubirea inseamna responsabilitate si daruire. Sufoca, cu prea multa dragoste in aceasta vara.

Se pot trezi dati deoparte si vor trai acut acea lipsa. Daca au copii, sa stea cu ochii pe ei, in cazul in care pleaca, sa nu faca insolatie. Atentie la alimentatie, sunt mai sensibili, aveti grija de mancati, puteti face o toxiinfectie alimentara. Din punct de vedere financiar, Racii achita toate datoriile.

Luna iunie vine cu un contract, cu o propunere de colaborare pentru cei care lucreaza in domeniul media sau de editare. LEU Sunt avantajati in aceasta vara. Leii pot incepe sa construiasca in aceasta vara. Cel mai bun lucru pentru ei este achizitia de terenuri. Din punct de vedere afectiv, Leului ii va cadea cineva cu tronc si va incepe sa adulmece prada. Si persoanei respective ii va placea. Va fi o cucerire grea, intelectuala. Din punct de vedere al sanatatii, vor avea parte de un concediu mai lung, undeva in afara granitelor tarii.

Ii sfatuiesc sa nu isi uite asigurarile de sanatate. O banala intepatura de insecta ii poate duce la urgente. Din punct de vedere financiar ar putea negocia in domeniul imobiliar. Sa fie atenti dupa 12 august pentru ca ar putea sa scape amanunte importante. Nu as sugera atunci sa faceti achizitii. Atentie pentru ca puteti descoperi o alta fateta a relatiei voastre.

Daca sunteti singuri, puteti sa intalniti pe cineva. In sanatate, Fecioarele trebuie sa fie atente la fiecare pas, la fiecare drum, sa aiba grija cum circula. Atentie si in august, puteti avea tulburari intestinale. Financiar, Fecioara isi doreste sa primeasca mult.

Din 12 august, vor avea noroc. Pot intra in posesia unor sume de bani. Vor sti ce sa faca, cu banii. Din punct de vedere al sanatatii, Balantele prefera vacantele scurte pentru ca suporta greu schimbarile, acestea le aduc dureri de spate si de cap, cu retentie de apa in organism. Din punct de vedere financiar, sunt provocati sa isi asume sa decida modul in care isi cheltuie banii. Nu se anunta mariri si venituri din alte surse.

Vor incepe sa-si renoveze casa. SCORPION Inainte sa se angajeze intr-o noua relatie, trebuie sa priveasca mai bine lucrurile, nu doar in ansmablu, trebuie sa se concentreze pe parghiile relatiei. Atentie mare la bolile venerice in aceasta vara! Persoana langa care sunt nu simte afectiunea lor. Nu poti sa impui dragostea. Nimic nu se compara cu o vacanta de vis, sa aiba grija pe cine cunosc.