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Ask yourself honestly if you know what your needs are? Can you define them? Do they depend upon the relative stance of other people? Are your true needs being met? One of the things about acting that gives me the greatest satisfaction is the opportunity for emotional exercise.

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That investment to the point where it produces true emotion. Harrison Ford — Moon in Cancer. You are advised to take good care of this highly sophisticated emotional mechanism by making sure you stay centered and grounded. This can be achieved in many ways, including spending time alone in nature or by the water when you feel the need.

Meditation and retreat will work wonders for you. Learning to invigorate your emotional self will be one of the smartest skills you learn in life. Your instincts are actually your best friend, and will serve you very well once you have learned to decipher between what is yours, and what is not. You must remember how readily inclined you are to soak up the atmosphere of what is going on around you, and so, stay somehow separated when involved in circumstances where it would be best for you to stay detached.

This is difficult, but can be achieved through practice, and using mental imagery to affirm that you are protected and contained. Visualizing a calm and protective white or pale blue bubble around you can be very helpful. The yogic practice of pranayama controlled breathing is another excellent tool for keeping your psychic field clear and contained. The Moon in Cancer can be very traditional. Matters to do with home and family life tend to feature strongly. For some, there will be an overarching concern for all things concerning family life.

You may have to leave behind your family of origin to find your family of choice. You may have constant change with the people in your life, but notice you somehow feel at your best when there is someone there for you to take care of. A sense of belonging comes from maintaining emotional ties.

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You will willingly take on the responsibility of caring for others — this a natural place for you to be. Anything I am and anything I hope to be, I have my mom to thank. Colin Farrel — Moon in Cancer. Your relationship with your own mother is likely to be especially significant , and you may have a close symbiotic bond.

Sometimes, the need to nurture can be so strong that you tend to over nurture, or smother, those you care about. With the Moon here, you may have to learn to let family members live their lives in their own way. On a basic level, you need to give support and nurture to those around you, without jeopardizing their independence, as well as your own.

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Sometime the best way to protect others is to teach them what it means to go out into the world and achieve results. You nurture others best when you are not attempting to over-protect them from what may be, in the end, your own worst fears. On the down side, this Moon position can also be associated with a tendency to attract persons who are so emotionally needy that the Cancer Moon person finds themselves constantly in a position of taking care of the other whilst secretly resenting the fact that their own need for nurturing and support is not being met.

Often, Cancer Moon folk find themselves in codependent situations as they attract needy people, requiring constant support and attention. Your need to nurture means you get confused around where your true responsibilities lie. This will reflect the basic premise that you are more aware of others needs than you are of your own, and so will take action for them before you will do it for yourself.

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Ultimately, you must learn about the sensitivity and subtle, unconscious patterns inherent in this Moon position. This can be achieved by actively seeking to nurture others whilst maintaining appropriate boundaries, by recognizing your need to be close and protective, and then asking yourself if your needs can be met. Setting up relationships where you end up being disappointed just perpetuates misplaced feelings of guilt and responsibility. You need to surround yourself with people who recognize your nurturing qualities, and can give you the same in return.

On another level, Cancer relates to the domestic side of life.

Your home is likely to be very important to you, and in many ways your castle as well as retreat from the world. Your home should be as calm and serene as possible. You are probably naturally attuned to home decorating, and know how to make it both comfortable and inviting.

This is the sign of hospitality, and you may be a great cook, or drawn to any activity where you can take care of others needs. Bringing people into your home is a great way for you to show them that you love them. Whilst you may be emotionally sensitive in environments not familiar to you, you can be at your best when home. Every effort should be made to make your home exactly as you want it.

You may change homes continually in your life, but what should remain constant is the sense of peace that comes over you when you walk through the front door. Born with the Moon in Cancer, you are likely to have a highly developed intuitive and emotional side. You are likely to have a strong empathy for others, and will feel impelled to take action in order to nurture, support and protect them. Your uncanny sense of what others need gives you the ability to stay one step ahead. You recognise the unspoken opportunity present in many situations, and can act in ways that give others what they need.

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This sensitivity can be also be used for your own benefit. To identify your own personal feelings and put selfishness aside will be your lifes work. The essence of the Cancerian personality can be boiled down to one word, sensitivity, when examined is a maze of winding roads that can lead anywhere and everywhere.

These winding roads actually start at birth with the inborn instinct for survival and his or her utter dependence on the world, and the fear born of this dependency. While you have the innate desire to succeed gloriously in the world, you also have a resentment that grows with each instance of facing the harsh realities in living. Cancer will do well to learn to seek to protect rather than to seek protection as this will help you change your negative leanings into a positive attitude that will guide you through adversity. Cancer will find their greatest security within the structure of a family setting due to the maternal side and the need to protect those in his or her charge.

There is a homey feel about Cancer that draws the other signs; You have the ability to attune to the moods of others quickly or to change their moods to suit yours; you should not underestimate your effect on people and you should learn to use this ability wisely and not just for personal gain.

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When Cancer does not attempt to control the personality then everyone around is in trouble as the negative Cancer is not a pleasant person to know. Negative Cancer becomes sulky when the desires are not met; the tendency is that the world owes them something and they will collect from everyone around, if this Cancer is denied, then that person will be dropped from his or her life, even if it is close family members.

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Negative Cancer finds it hard to hold a job and will quit at even imaginary slights. The negative Cancer will not take orders and is the most likely to wind up in the guardhouse if in the services.